The White Rage

The White Rage


Oslo, Norway

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Overview of this campaign

As Norway’s largest newspaper, VG’s goal is to be the number one destination for news, with the core value of keeping the Norwegian people informed and updated.


With all the unique content and all the unique pictures, we wanted to illustrate this exclusive story to the Norwegian people. Since the story was so strong we decided to create a vignette, as if it was a TV series. This vignette was distributed on digital channels like social media and online video web sites. 
Our goals    
  •   Increase VGs position as a news brand that delivers “investigative journalism” among young readers
  • Make a story that would engage the public and create engagement

One of our key marketing goals is to increase our position as the media house that delivers “investigative journalism” among young readers. Hence, we wanted to create a marketing campaign around the main feature piece of 2017, “The White Rage”, to emphasize the importance of VG as a publishing house. 

Results for this campaign

Through outstanding reportage images and tailor-made feature texts, the outside right-hand players was lifted as close as possible to the reader. The factual and commentary material was carefully adapted to the reports so that the overall appearance would be as optimal and dynamic as possible.

 It was decided to devote an entire VG Weekend issue to the mammoth project, which was breaking news-relevant throughout the year 2017. The structure of the issue was carefully thought out. Additionally, a digital series of content was published were images, content and videos were presented in a series of 24 chapters over seven weeks (see this link .  

·         VGs position as a News brand that delivers “investigative journalism” increased with 21% (from 52 to 63%) among young Norwegians (15-24) during the campaign period
·         The Video Completion rate was 31% (Benchmark 27%)
·         3 600 000 page views (normal page views for feature piece like this is between 250 000 – 1 700 000 page views)
·         The story was later published in international media:
o   Aftonbladet (Sweden)
o   Ekstrabladet (Denmark)
o   New Republic Magazine (U.S)
o   L`Espressp (Italy)
o   Newsweek (Japan)
o   El paìs (Spain)
o   XL Semanal Magazine (Spain)
·         Photo exhibition at the photo festival “Visa Pour l`image ( France)
·         The story was one of the most sold articles on VG+ (paid subscription content)


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