Be One | Inspire One in association with Ulster Bank
2018 Finalist

Be One | Inspire One in association with Ulster Bank

The Irish Times

Dublin 2 , Ireland

Category Advertising Sales and Retention

Overview of this campaign

  • Turn an internal Ulster Bank initiative called Business Women Can into a nationwide campaign.
  • Rather than focus on a bottom line, focus on building an effective community and support network. 
  • Reach businesswomen at various levels of their career and give them an opportunity to learn from and inspire each other.
  • Create a halo effect for Ulster Bank in terms of their support of women in business.
  • Bring the series to life through nationwide events
  • Ensure a social presence.
  • Drive awareness on Ulster Bank's position around supporting women in business.
  • Produce compelling and engaging evergreen content that could inspire those in or entering the business world.

The Irish Times Content Studio team lead the series.

Execution : 8 stories of women in business

                       2 regional events

                       2 videos 

                       Extensive digital & print campaign

To bring the series to life, we held two reader events in Dublin and Cork. Women of all ages, sectors and skillsets came together for a morning of mingling, motivation and mentorship. The events began with an introductory and inspirational note from an Ulster Bank representative and were MC’d by Orna Mulcahy of The Irish Times.

Each event had a panel of 5 women, each panellist’s career journey being more unique and inspiring than the next. These women shared their wisdom, advice and even regrets on a range of topics from careers, to motherhood to setbacks. Attendees had the opportunity to put their own questions to the panel, in a Q&A session that felt more like a conversation amongst friends, such was the atmosphere in the room. A unique element to our events was the “meet the mentor” competition, whereby one lucky attendee won a mentoring session with the panelist of their choice.A key objective of these events was to leave women feeling supported and motivated going forward in their careers, no matter what stage of the career ladder they were at. Panellists and attendees alike stayed back long after the events concluded exchanging numbers and cards. 


Results for this campaign

The series performed exceptionally well, delivering a combined 71,542 article views on with an average dwell time of 2 min 28 sec, equating to 2,940 hours of article consumption time. Across social media the posts reached in excess of 542,000 Individuals and received 2,468 high quality engagements (likes, comments, re-tweets, shares, favorites).

To measure the ad effectiveness post campaign, research was conducted with our reader panel. Of the exposed group:

  • 56% agreed that the content made them feel positive towards the brand.
  • 25% agreed that they looked for or will look for more information as a result of seeing this content

#BeOneInspireOne was the second most popular hashtag on the day of our Dublin event and was trending on Twitter for over 13 hours, ahead of the Tax Summit and the Ploughing Championships, which also took place on that day.

The positive feedback from attendees was overwhelming, with many commenting how moved they were by the experiences of both the panel and their fellow audience members. Our attached videos only serve to capture a fraction of the buzz and sentiment on the day.

Client Satisfaction: “We’re delighted in Ulster Bank to partner with The Irish Times on this initiative and have an event where we can showcase the very best in Irish women and what we can learn from women in business.” “When you hear the incredible stories from the women on the panel and also from the women that you meet in the audience and the stories that they have, their passion and what they’re doing, it’s very important that we share this story and that we inspire each other and we inspire the next generation coming through as well” – Joyce Walsh, Head of Learning & Development, Ulster Bank 


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