Now! Nova Scotia and the Now! Nova Scotia Good News Awards
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Now! Nova Scotia and the Now! Nova Scotia Good News Awards

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Halifax, Canada

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Overview of this campaign

Now! Nova Scotia is a fully integrated program with the overarching goals of accomplishing three main things:


Drive attitudinal shift – whether it’s thought-provoking commentary or a story about a growing business, the goal for every story written, every partnership secured and every award given is help show Nova Scotians that good things are happening and to shift attitudes to help residents believe in a better future. We measured the success of this, in part, by these objectives:

  • Produce at least 200 good news stories.
  • Other measures included in other goals.


Bringing together partners and voices to support change - changing attitudes cannot be accomplished alone. It requires many people to participate; other thought leaders and like-minded partners are important to creating critical mass and allowing us to have the kind of impact we need. It’s through our partners’ support that we are able to produce this program. We measured the success of partnerships, in part, by these objectives:

  • Secure 10 community partners (increase of 100% from 2016)
  • Secure partnership with leading organizations (keep good company)
  • Secure $120,000 in partner revenue (increase of 100% from 2016)

Create an offering that engages people in a new way – The success of Now relies on engagement. You can’t change attitudes if people aren’t interested and engaged. We need people to read the content and spend time with it. And we need to engage audiences we don’t normally attract to The Chronicle Herald, as the future of the province relies on this demographic seeing a future for themselves in this region. We measured the success of engagement, in part, by these objectives:

  • Achieve 85,100 page views
  • Achieve 78,200 unique page views
  • Achieve 2:00 average time on page (site average is 1:27)
  • Attract 30% of traffic from new users consuming Now content
  • Receive 150 award submissions

Results for this campaign




Number of good news stories produced




Number of community partners secured




Quality of community partners secured

At least one:

  • Bank
  • Grocer
  • Manufacturer
  • Post-secondary institution
  • Law firm
  • Government agency
  • Independent business
  • NGO


  • One bank (Royal Bank)
  • One grocery chain (Sobeys)
  • One manufacturer (Michelin)
  • Two post-secondary institutions (NSCC and Saint Mary’s University)
  • One law firm (Stewart McKelvey)
  • Three major government agencies (Nova Scotia Business Inc., Halifax Partnership, Cape Breton Partnership)
  • Two independent businesses (Office Interiors and Bounty Print)
  • Two NGOs (Black Business Initiative, Digital Nova Scotia)



Partner revenue



$154,000 (120% increase over 2016)

Net revenue after event/award

$90,000 (event and award costs = $30,000)

$126,000 (event came in $2,000 under budget)

Page views


85,100 (15% higher than specialty content average)


Unique page views

78,200 (15% higher than specialty content average)


Time on site



2:17 (site average is 1:27)

New users consuming Now! content



Number of award submissions



193 (48.5% increase over 2016)

In addition to these measures, Now! is a strong brand builder and marketing initiative for The Chronicle Herald. We constantly receive feedback from average citizens and community leaders alike lauding the initiative:


From the Executive Director of Engage Nova Scotia: “To say I enjoyed reading today's Now section would be an understatement. All pieces were insightful and fresh. You effectively traversed everything from personal attitudes, to inspiring NS stories, to international trends. Thanks for the important contribution to the NS narrative.”


From the President of Nova Scotia Community College: “To you and your team...great work on the NOW stories this morning on the topic of "intrapreneurship".  I have read it cover-to-cover. Thank you for your leadership in helping to reshape the narrative of Nova Scotia. Here's to spreading the good news.”


And the enthusiasm doesn’t end with our provincial borders. Visitors from all over the world consumed our Now! content: Canada, UK, USA, Ireland, Brazil, Vietnam, South Africa, Australia, Bangladesh, Switzerland, Egypt, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Lithuania, Morocco, Mexico, Norway, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Taiwan, Tanzania, Greece, Italy, South Korea, Malaysia, Samoa.


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