Meet the Writers Event

Meet the Writers Event

The Hamilton Spectator

Hamilton, Canada

Category Best Use of an Event to Build a News Brand

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Overview of this campaign

The Spectator’s writers have quite a following within the tight-knit community of Hamilton. It could be referred to as mini-celebrity status!  What better way to engage our assets with readers than to organize meet and greet events at The Spectator building.  In addition, these journalists have published books which we sell on our SpecStore website.  We anticipated extra sales through this event while also giving readers the opportunity to have their books autographed in person.

Results for this campaign

What a success these events turned out to be on all fronts!  We hosted two separate experiences:  one for three writers and another later in the year for our editorial cartoonist.  We coordinated the latter event with the launch of his inaugural book.  The Editor-in-Chief acted as Master of Ceremonies, while the writers each had some time to do introductions and speak about their books.   A question and answer session followed with quite a lot of engagement from the audience.  There were almost 200 people who attended the first event while approximately 100 for the second event.  We sold books through SpecStore, which garnered $2,200 and $1,300 in sales respectively, helping our bottom line directly.  The book signing was a very popular portion as well with queues lasting into the evening.

Certainly these events connected our journalists with our community and enhanced our news brand, while also proving profitable. The format of the evening was also a success and well received by readers.


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