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Overview of this campaign

Growing a 100% digital subscription base has been one of the dominant strategic tasks for Aftonbladet in recent years. Today Aftonbladet is the market leader in paid journalism with over 250 000 digital subscribers at Aftonbladet Plus. Sportbladet, the primary news destination for sport journalism in Sweden, represents a large part of the paid digital editorial content. 

In the work of further strengthening reader engagement and making Aftonbladet’s journalism available to a larger audience, the campaign "Laget i mitt hjärta" was born. The idea was to make people donate SEK 100 to their favourite local soccer team – and Aftonbladet doubled that donation. The donors received free access to Aftonbladet Plus for two months and after that they turned in to recurring subscriber, free to cancel at any time.

The campaign was made in cooperation with the Swedish Football Association and made it possible to donate to over 2 500 clubs – from professional clubs to local ones in the 8th division. The total collected amount was allocated to the youth sections of the clubs.

On the campaign site readers could support their club and follow how much the clubs received in donation through live updates. In addition, the live ranking lists showed how the clubs where positioned throughout Sweden, as well as in their local part of the country. An important factor to get local commitment and engagement for clubs and readers.

Market communication was primarily focused on Facebook and secondary on the Aftonbladet news site. Through Facebook Custom Audience the campaign was channeled to clubs and local club representatives and to people who interact with any of these. 

The partner SvFF made nine of Sweden's most famous soccer players talk about the importance of their youth club as a social video promotion part of the campaign.



Results for this campaign

The campaign was a huge success from day 1. Club leaders’ involvement, players participation and SvFF who endorsed the campaign, resulted in a boost of organic shares and made the campaign viral in social media. The campaign finally resulted in over 7 600 shares on Facebook, 3,5 million impressions, and a reach of 1,5 million swedes. This was one of Aftonbladets most engaging campaigns ever on every level, which resulted in huge impact and goodwill for Aftonbladet.

In subscription sales the campaign resulted in a total of 4,500 customers to Aftonbladets most expensive online subscription, Aftonbladet Plus Premium (recurring price SEK 100, approximately 10 Euros). Target was set to 1000 new customers. (+ 450% vs target). More than 64 % of these customers turned into recurring paying customers of the service, which also was far over target for conversion to recurring payments.  Conversion target was set to 33%. (+ 94 % vs target).

Key success factors:
? The combination of engaging campaign journalism with strong social media engagement with the aim to reach the overall goal – sales of digital subscriptions.
? Social/viral success. Targeting teams moderating local enthusiasts via FB Custom Audience to encourage them to share the campaign to their teams and players. This made the campaign a viral success. 
? Soccer profiles and timing. Famous Swedish soccer profiles (both men and women) to front the campaign, was a key factor of the marketing success. Timing was also perfect, with marketing starting just days after Swedens qualification to the FIFA World Cup 2018 in Russia.  
? Teamwork and Partnership with the Swedish FA. Close collaboration between the Aftonbladet departments; sport editors, marketing, CRM, developers as well as the external partner SvFF.
? Live engagement. Live updated site where readers could follow their local team’s donations. Important both for external and internal engagement. 


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