New Travel insights unlock advertising revenue

New Travel insights unlock advertising revenue

The Australian

Surry Hills, Australia

Category Best Use of Consumer Research

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Overview of this campaign

Historically, travel has been one of the strongest categories of advertising for The Australian – Nielsen Adex has travel being responsible for over 30% of revenue in The Australian newspaper in 2016 for example.

However in the first half of 2017, internal metrics showed travel spending was down year on year for The Australian in print. A number of factors for this were identified including: recent travel research conducted by Google talking up the impact of digital: declining interest in print as a medium: in the eyes of clients a lack of evidence of the effectiveness of print and The Australian.

It became imperative for The Australian Advertising, Customer Solutions team to demonstrate the role print plays in the post digital world, that print can coexist with digital in creating an outcome for clients in travel category.

Syndicated research and prior primary research conducted by The Australian Advertising was used to define the parameters of potential future research. The Journey research conducted in 2016 identified what The Australian can do for advertisers. The new research being proposed would need to enhance on this learning while also demonstrating how The Australian can be effective for travel advertisers.

In May 2017, The Australian Advertising commissioned Inside Story, a research company that specialises in implicit research methods to conduct research with these parameters in mind. Qualitative research was conducted to focus on the role The Australian plays for a reader and potential customer to travel advertisers that included eye tracking of actual pages and advertisements by these people.

The results of this research combined with previously conducted research allowed us ‘to create a story’ on how The Australian can work for travel advertisers by being able to show actual evidence of where the eye goes on the page for example while they were asked just after the activity “what made you look here”

A presentation was created promoting ‘the story’ on the role of The Australian for travel advertisers

Results for this campaign

With the presentation, there was a generic version for all relevant advertisers, while specific advertisers who had an advertisement ‘tracked’ in this study were shown actual outputs and told how their ad performed with personal presentations by The Australian Advertising Travel Advertising Representative and the Insights Manager. A leave behind on their ad performance was also given. There were five of these targeted personalised presentations made.

The key results presented to travel advertising clients were

  • ‘The daze point’ - when the reader ‘drifts off’ and dreams about the destination/hotel/offering etc. This appeared to increase desire for the advertisement and led to people in the study being able to recite back the offer in the advertisement. We were able to share with selected advertisers what the trigger points were that encouraged this daze point.

  • The key role played by Travel & Indulgence (The Weekend Australian travel section) was identified where it ‘creates’ the interest and desire while digital’s role was ‘checking’ that followed as a result

  • The creation of a new model (appendix item 1) that identified how people behave when looking at travel. The key point in the creation of the model was realising that a linear model did not explain when people are at different stages for different holidays. This new model resonated with travel advertising clients when presented.

Specific outcomes for The Australian Advertising included

  • The Australian’s largest travel advertiser increased the number of ads booked (insertions up 17% YoY (year on year) second half 2017 and volume up 42% YoY of the back of this research

  • $500K+ in new revenue secured by a travel advertiser on the back of this research - previously this client had only been a sporadic advertiser.

  • A reversal of advertising volume declines for travel:  from -7.6% YoY first half 2017 to be up 20% YoY second half 2017

  • A revamp of Travel & Indulgence print section while some clients modified their advertising based on this research.


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