Metro Start; Best new Print Product
2018 Finalist

Metro Start; Best new Print Product


Brussels, Belgium

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Overview of this campaign

Recruitment advertising has changed. Companies shifted from traditional "boring" tetris-wise sections to online jobboards.

Job applicants' mindset shifted too. Applicants no longer look for a suiting job offer, young professionals are on the look for a company that suits their professional expectations.

Latest job-researches show that :  young potentials ‘Millennials’ are entitled, easily distracted, impatient, self-absorbed, lazy, and unlikely to stay in any job for long.

On the positive side, they’re also looking for purpose, feedback, and personal life balance in their work. Companies of all kinds are obsessed with understanding them better. And Metro offers the solution with Metro Start.

As a pioneer in reaching this new generation,  Metro Belgium adapted and empowered its  recruitment offer by engaging companies through a weekly section, called "Metro Start". A new way to approach potential candidates by Storytelling trough native advertising.

Metro Start is a new opportunity for companies struggling in this dual change.  The answer is to sell the dreamjob by native advertising solutions which is published through print, digital and social platforms. The employer stories are published in a weekly section, on Monday, a deliberately chosen day where potential candidates might consider their ’career switch’. This section contains several features, all to promote our advertisers as a likable employer.

The modular packages offer the freedom to employers to position themselves as an attractive company. Please see examples attached.

Results for this campaign

Metro Start is a huge succes!

Clients are very satisfied with the ROI. We convinced 68 new clients to invest in Metro Start, several editions were sold out.

We published 880 campaigns of HR-related clients in 2017 compared to only 330 in 2015 !!

And, a substantial revenue raise.

A recent focus group confirmed that readers appreciated the section "Metro Start" and the fresh look & feel.


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