Conversations with Customers
2018 Finalist

Conversations with Customers

Jagran Prakashan Ltd

New Delhi, India

Category Advertising Sales and Retention

Overview of this campaign

Amazon, approached Dainik Jagran to help establish the brand in Uttar Pradesh. Uttar Pradesh is India’s most populous states. This makes it a very profitable market and can contribute to ecommerce’s growth in a big way, but it largely remained unexplored due to tax restrictions. E-commerce players weren’t able to penetrate one of India’s largest consumer markets.
With the restrictions now gone, the market has opened up. But there were problems to solve. Consumers were not warming upto e-commerce because of lack of interest, limited comfort in going online to buy, lack of comfort with the e-commerce platforms being in English and lack of awareness. These were the problems Amazon approached us with.
India, one of the fastest growing internet markets in the world is projected to touch 735 mn users by 2021. All experts including Google and several others are of the opinion, that the entire growth of internet users in India will come from languages other than English. It’s estimated that by 2021, language users will comprise 73% of India’s internet users. And the biggest language in India is Hindi spoken by over 400 mn Indians. Of this, 200 mn will be using internet by 2021.
Online retail in India is estimated to grow to $200 billion up from $15 billion in 2016 (Morgan Stanley). This growth is being driven by a combination of rising internet penetration, a drop in data access costs, a shift to smartphones, and a flow of credit to consumers and micro enterprises. Online retail use by Hindi internet users set to grow 4-fold from 19 mn to 75 mn in 2021.
To tap into this fastest growing market segment of 75 mn online Hindi users, Amazon approached Dainik Jagran. We set out with the following objectives:
- Create interest in the e-commerce category and Amazon
- Dispel myths about online ecommerce payment methods
- Create comfort/confidence about shopping online

Results for this campaign

Given the resistance in the market, we had to go beyond, set up the agenda for e-commerce transactions, and open up the market for Amazon. The core issue was lack of trust in transacting online. Therefore, establishing credibility was primary for the campaign to succeed. No amount of advertising would help build credibility and trust. Leveraging our understanding of the local mindset, we arrived at a content-led solution that would help Amazon address the key issues. We proposed a content plan:
- Address the issue of payments for online transactions. We proposed to talk about “Cash on Delivery” – as that would provide the greatest comfort to consumers who were unsure of advance payment through Cards/Internet Banking
- Feature stories of consumers who have bought products from Amazon. This would work like a first hand account from a local buyer on his Amazon experience. We found out local citizens who had bought goods from Amazon. We published stories of their experience with Amazon. These stories created credibility and made the entire experience a lot more personal and relatable

While the campaign ended in September 2017, we had a positive impact on advertising revenues from the category during the next quarter (Oct-Dec 2017)
INCREASE IN MARKET SHARE : Between Oct-Dec 2016 & Oct-Dec 2017, our market share of the E-Commerce category increased from 1.9% to 4.9%
ADVERTISING REVENUE GROWTH : Between Oct-Dec 2016 & Oct-Dec 2017, our advertising revenues from the E-Commerce category increased by 39%

No amount of regular advertising would have enabled Amazon to get up close and talk to consumers and alleviate their concerns. Amazon’s satisfaction can be gauged from the fact that we are now gearing up for the next round of stories, and we are discussing the possibility of taking the next step in our conversations with the market by creating a huge on-ground exercise where we take the Amazon shopping experience to consumers’ doorsteps.



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