The Launch of Omni Ekonomi
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The Launch of Omni Ekonomi



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Overview of this campaign

The idea to create Omni was born five years ago as a result of thorough interviews conducted with news readers. Today Omni is one of Sweden’s leading news services.

Omni Ekonomi has been developed in a similar fashion. Interviews with business news readers started around two years ago. Initially, a daily newsletter called “Omni Morning Brief” was launched to test content on the users. It also served as a stepping stone to reaching the future target audience. The newsletter quickly became very popular with 50000 loyal readers.

When the first embryo for Omni Ekonomi was ready in April last year around 100 Morning Brief readers were invited to test the app. As the product development continued, more and more readers were invited.

Three months ahead of the launch a public beta version was made available to invites only. The buzz around the product increased and readers were lining up to become beta-testers. We actively approached eight business schools and offered students to become beta-testers, by handing out flyers with VIP-codes and inviting them to free coffee from a barista.

Influential commentators and industry top-shots were courted and invited to test the app. An increasing number of people were writing about the app in social media.

The app was launched without any paid-for marketing and with continued focus on the company’s own communication channels and PR. Primarily, the beta-testers were used as ambassadors and natural spokespeople for the service. On the first day of the launch, the app was downloaded by as many as 10 000 users.

Three weeks after the launch a broader marketing campaign was rolled out. The campaign was completely focused on push notifications, which have come to symbolize Omni’s speedy delivery of news to readers, and was run outdoors and in the Stockholm underground to build up and position the brand. A parallel campaign, optimized toward downloads, was run in online and social media.

Results for this campaign

In ten weeks, Omni Ekonomi has been downloaded by 130 000 users and now has almost 100 000 unique users each week. The app has more than 2 million page views per week. That can be compared to Dagens Industri, which has been the leading business newspaper in Sweden for 30 years, and has only 4 million page views a week and fewer than 500 000 readers each week.

The Omni Ekonomi app also has a high degree of stickiness and is used on average seven times a week by users. The number of page views per visit is more than 5.0.

The app also gets very good results in user surveys. 94 percent of users give the app the top ratings of 4 or 5 (on a scale of 1-5) on the question “How likely is it that you would recommend Omni Ekonomi to a friend?” A total of 210 users participated in the survey and as many as 73 percent gave the highest score of 5.

Omni Ekonomi has also been praised by industry experts.
“The service and journalism is really good. I have used it for a while and am clearly satisfied.”
– Johan Såthe, editor in chief of Resumé
(Sweden’s biggest media industry newspaper)

“I am now completely addicted.. It is really, really good.”
– Joakim Bornold, savings advisor at Nordnet
(Sweden’s second largest online trading platform).

Omni Ekonomi is funded by advertising and the main business model is based on native advertising. The sister app Omni today gets 70 percent of its income from native advertising and Omni Ekonomi has received a warm welcome from the advertising market. Several large advertisers have signed long-term contracts with Omni Ekonomi and Volvo has been a key advertiser since the app was in beta-mode.


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