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La Voz del Interior

Córdoba, Argentina

Category Social Media

Overview of this campaign

Día a Día + Via Córdoba is the city’s news portal that succeeded more rapidly in diving into the people’s culture after retrieving their deepest values and idiosyncrasy. Its fresh and friendly tone helped us build a community that strongly reflects its environment.

 + 784,000 Facebook fans

+ 300,000 Twitter followers

+ 52,000 Instagram followers

 Therefore, we decided to tell those stories.

 ¿How do we take Córdoba to everyone?

By using the platform everyone uses.


 This is how #VIVOenCBA was born. We created it as an unprecedented journalistic experiment with the goal of showing Córdoba to the world by means of a new and innovative format: a whole day streaming through Facebook Live.

To achieve this, we gathered a team of over 50 journalists and communication studies students who worked for three months in the development of the topics, of the agenda, the definition of each sections’ duration and the creation of use and style guides for the videos.

Participants received technical and editorial training to understand the dynamics and the components needed to tell a story in a platform like this one.

Two of the most important 4G connectivity carriers in the region provided their technology to the project.


#VIVOenCBA was carried out on September 6th and 7th, 2017.

It consisted of a 24 hour streaming made of informative blocks of 15-30 minutes.

Results for this campaign

During #VIVOenCBA streaming, 137 posts went live in Facebook, Twitter e Instagram (71 videos, 56 links and 10 photos).

In just 24 hours, these videos achieved the following:

+ 756,000 plays



In Twitter, we got over 4 million impressions and #vivoencba reached more than 378,000 users.

In Instagram, our stories received over 52,000 views.

In Facebook, the community added 1153 fans organically in one day.

However, the most important achievement was sharing a little about Córdoba with the rest of the world.

To transmit the magic of a city, it needs to go viral.


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