NBC News' "Stay Tuned" on Snapchat
2018 Finalist

NBC News' "Stay Tuned" on Snapchat

NBC News Digital

New York, United States

Category Social Media

Overview of this campaign

NBC News Digital is constantly looking for new ways to reach and engage new audiences. We launched Stay tuned to do just that - to bring our world-class journalism and storytelling to a brand new audience. We wanted a beautiful, fast-paced, conversational show that would speak to a millennial audience - and do it twice a day, every week day and update in real time with breaking news.
We know that young audiences aren't watching the news on TV. They aren't even reading newspapers or checking Facebook. In fact, the attention economy is so difficult to permeate, we knew we needed to start fresh when thinking about how to capture these eyeballs.
Stay Tuned is a two-minute news brief that’s updated twice a day on weekdays and once a day on weekends, updating more often during breaking news. Anchored by Schwartz and MSNBC correspondent Savannah Sellers, it’s a mix of what our audience WANTS to know and what our audience NEEDS to know. Stay Tuned covers everything from breaking news stories to the latest controversies around YouTube star Logan Paul to the humanitarian crises in Yemen and South Sudan to news-making interviews with politicians, celebrities and activists.
Since launching on July 19, we’ve produced more than 300 episodes. We’ve taken our audience to Hurricanes Harvey and Maria and to Napa Valley after the devastating wildfires. We visited teenagers living on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. And, we’ve interviewed Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden.

Results for this campaign

We went from idea to inception in just three months, including coming up with the structure, writing style, a completely new graphics package and even composing all-new music to launch. All the while, we hired and trained a completely new staff of 30 producers, editors, graphic artists, writers and PA's to churn out the daily production of the show. We literally built the plane as it was taking off. 

The results have been staggering. Our first month alone saw 30 million unique viewers. Since mid-July we've amassed over 4 million subscribers and we're reaching the audience we set out to reach: More than two thirds of our audience is under the age of 25. And the majority watch the entire show - a really feat in this attention economy. 


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