Austrian Video Award - AVA
2018 Finalist

Austrian Video Award - AVA

Krone Multimedia Gmbh & CoKG

Wien, Austria

Category Events

Overview of this campaign

The Austrian Video Award acknowledges Austria’s finest and most exceptional work in the Influencer- and digital-media field. In 2017, the inaugural year of the AVA, groundbreaking video-concepts, video-formats, as well as videoInfluencers were recognized with the prestigious award in Vienna. The AVA is awarded in various categories. In one of those categories, namely that of the most creative video-influencer, the nominees were pre-selected by a jury, which focuses on features, such as, creative content, engagement and growth rate. The winners are determined through audience voting.

Nominees from the advertising companies, in categories like VR, were chosen through expert judges.


"Kronen Zeitung" was founded in 1900 an is Austrias largest Daily newspaper. The paid circulation of the paper is 738.000 copies, reaching round about 30% of the Austrian readers.

Results for this campaign

The award ceremony of the AVA was the first of its kind and magnitude in Austria, especially considering the wide scope of bloggers, influencers and YouTubers it successfully covered. “Krone”, as a brand itself, brings together a variety of Austrian videostars and digital influencers from various platforms in a spectacular fashion, and generates, through all of its channels aimed at young target audiences, a considerable reach.


  • Extensive reach in the young target audience mainly through a high share-quote via social media
  • 600 Guests
  • 100 Influencers
  • 30.000 Livestream Views
  • Broad recognition of the event in specialized media
  • Considerable reach on Instagram, Facebook, etc.
  • On the frontpage of Austrias biggest newspaper
  • First event of this scope and type in Austria 


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