Discover More - relaunch
2018 Finalist

Discover More - relaunch


Auckland, New Zealand

Category Brand Awareness Campaigns

Overview of this campaign

-          Drive intrigue of the redesigned site

-          Create a more engaged audience

-          Showcase the benefits of the new site to increase the overall audience


The redesign of the NZ Herald website began with a clear goal – create a global benchmark site to better engage audiences by enabling enriched storytelling.   

In June 2017, a mobile-responsive relaunched boasting a complete overhaul of design, content, functionality and speed, while also seamlessly integrating advertising opportunities to enhance the user experience.

Our task was to create an integrated campaign to build anticipation, drive awareness and encourage users to experience the new site. Not an easy task to tackle. People have their daily routines and established ways of doing things, and change of any sort always requires some level of adaption. For many users the existing site was seen as working just fine, and we anticipated it would initially throw up the question “why did they change it?”.

We drew heavily on major Nielsen research commissioned by NZME, segmenting our audience into distinct groups each with their own motivations and reading habits. Four of the audience groups stood out to best represent our key target audiences for the launch campaign – ‘Aspirationals’, ‘Information Junkies’, ‘Community-Spirited’ and ‘Open-minded Observers’.

The core campaign thought was ‘You’ve changed. So have we’ – underlining that the changes we had made to the site were in response to our audiences’ evolving needs, and based squarely on the changes in how they were now living their lives.

We brought this to life in two phases:

-          Teaser – utilising a simple ‘We’re changing’ message and a launch date, the creative was designed to stand out boldly; to create anticipation and intrigue that something big was coming.

-          Launch – bearing our call to action ‘Discover more with the’ underlined the breadth of content on offer and a potential for greater learning and understanding.

Results for this campaign

-          Overall audience has grown 22% YoY, with average weekly audience lifting by 14%.

-          Engagement increased by 6% (pages per visit and average session duration)


Video played a huge part in our launch. We personified each audience segment, positioning each reader in the centre of their world surrounded by depictions of their interests.

Each video built a simple back story as each character reflected on a recent change in their life and how it had affected their news consumption – ending on heartfelt demand to the Herald as to what they expected. This was answered with a heavy inference that their demands had been met by the new site, emphasising clear benefits: an instant overview of what’s going on, a broader perspective on the issues, a wide breath of content, and a deeper understanding though expert commentary.

We also stepped outside traditional media channels to engage our audience in a unique way. Playing on the common perception ‘today’s news is tomorrow’s fish & chip wrapper’, we created branded wrapping that was used for our launch in 43 of the country’s favourite takeaway stores.

The integrated media strategy ensured the campaign ran across digital, video pre-roll, social, print, radio and outdoor for six weeks, and has subsequently been adapted for ongoing messaging.

The campaign was conceived, written, designed, filmed and photographed by NZME’s in-house team of creatives and support staff, with help from local 3D modelling specialists StudioLocal. Together we brought to life a campaign that was bold, creative, colourful and innovative – befitting, we think, for the first major change in NZ’s premier news site in over a decade.

And we couldn’t have been happier with the results.

Relevancy has increased – bounce rates have dropped by 6%.

Mobile-first experience has resonated –  the mobile audience has increased by 58%.

Overall we had successfully positioned the as committed to positive change and passionate in giving its readers a better understanding of what matters most to them.

Source: Adobe DAX 2017


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