The Festivalbooth (Social Media)

The Festivalbooth (Social Media)


Oslo, Norway

Category Best Use of Social Media

Overview of this campaign

As Norway’s largest newspaper, VGs goal is to be the number one destination for news.Thus, one of our key marketing goals is to strengthen our brand position among the future readers. Especially, young Norwegians under the age of 25.

 As a sponsor of one Norway’s largest festivals with a young target group, we wanted to take this opportunity to reach out to young Norwegians and make them the ambassadors of the brand. 

In only four days as the festival lasted, 2 100 photos were taken and shared. 

Our goals were:

  • Strengthen our brand position by empowering digital engagement among the festival participants at Slottsfjell.
  • Increase the awareness of VG as a Slottsfjell sponsor

Results for this campaign


  • Engagement:
    • 2 100 photos were shared reaching out to 160 000 people (Estimated reach was 30 000 people)
  • Awareness
    • Awareness of VG as a sponsor at Slottsfjell festival increased by 50%

       - From 40% (2016) to 63% (2017).

  •  Additionally, we went from a 6th to a second place as the most visible brand at the festival

- From 6,5% (2016) to 24,3% (2017).



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