2018 Finalist



Melville, United States

Category Video

Overview of this campaign

The Sanctuaries project began out of a simple curiosity to visit a variety of religious congregations, but rapidly grew into an immersive experience on the nature and concept of "safe spaces." While politicians and pundits across the country brought the buzzword back into popular usage -- "Sanctuary" hadn't been talked about with such regularity since the "sanctuary movement" of the 1980s. Given the heightened sense of “Sanctuary” in some communities throughout 2017, we sought to examine what the originally religious word meant to a variety of religious institutions on Long Island.



Results for this campaign

The final result, a product of months of experimentation with this new technology, was a short, user-controlled documentary, that threads together religious philosophies on the value of community sanctuaries and academic knowledge on the history of the concept. It became a video essay, from the perspective of the participants, on morality. ?

This was shot exclusively with a 360 video camera. A still photo or traditional video, offers a glimpse at what’s in front of the viewer. But a safe space is about what surrounds you. Because this is a subject specifically about spaces, we decided that the 360 view was the most appropriate way to give the proper weight to each house of worship.


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