Celebrating the Power of Independent Thinking

Celebrating the Power of Independent Thinking


Bhopal, India

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Overview of this campaign

In order to showcase and promote the idea of independent thinking, Divya Marathi has made a video of 12 Independent Thinkers of Maharashtra who have thought independently and became change drivers. Their real life stories have become source of inspiration for many who wish to think independently.

These independent thinkers included individuals from diverse spheres of life.

Results for this campaign

These videos of independent thinkers ,from diverse spheres of life, have become source of inspiration for many who wish to think independently.Here are few of them:

  • Dyaneshwar Bhonsle is fighting against Pardhi community’s criminal reputation in Solapur by opening a school for Pardhi children who are shunned by the society.
  • Bhagyashree Shivdekar is the first female school bus driver of Nashik. Her independent thinking of doing something different has helped her to start a venture of her own and now she is joined by another 7-8 women from her city.
  • Nirmala Ramchandra Chaudhari is the first female auctioneer at the Agricultural Produce Market (APM) of Jalgaon. A??er losing her father at early age, she use to follow her mother, a vegetable seller, to market every day. There she learnt the skills of a trader and proved the fact that trader profession is not confined to any specific gender.
  • Kunmudini Vijay Narkhede has been making Rangoli(Dry colour art) for last 30 years in Jalgaon. Till date, she has trained more than 2.5 lac women in Rangoli making.
  • Indira Maniyar has been serving water at Jalgaon railway station for last 15 years. The thought of being from a well-renowned family never deterred her to come out and serve the community.
  • Nasri Chouhan is a farmer and teacher. She is the first educated woman of her native village Borwa who walked for nearly 3 kms daily to complete her secondary education. Now, apart from teaching children of her village, she also helps her father in organic farming.
  • Shrikant and Suchita Bansod are parents of their only hearing impaired son. Lack of adequate medical facilities and training for hearing impaired children in Akola, they started Ekvira Multipurpose Foundation to teach children with special needs.




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