Löfbergs – the Next Generation Coffee Experience
2018 Finalist

Löfbergs – the Next Generation Coffee Experience

Bonnier News Brand Studio

Stockholm, Sweden

Category New Technologies

Overview of this campaign

A totality deal involving several different departments at Bonnier News. Löfbergs wanted to highlight the importance of the Colombian agriculture and the fact that young coffee farmers are continuing what their parents started. We could offer them the opportunity to show this in a virtual reality thanks to DN:s efforts within VR. We activated during the Almedalen week and had the native campaign up and running on a native site at DN.se.

The Löfbergs experience from Colombia was the first sponsored experience in the DN VR-app. 2017 was the year VR really became accessible to consumers. Many advertisers around the world has used VR/360 to showcase products but not as many has used it to tell a story like the one Löfbergs told the DN readers.

The VR-experience was a part of a total campaign containing Longread native on dn.se, and live events and seminars at Almedalen, Sweden’s largest gathering of politicians, senior executives and communication-experts.

Bonnier News Brand Studio, Löfbergs and the production company Vobling made their way with VR-equipment across the globe to Colombia to produce this film on the mountain peaks outside of Medellin. As opposed to tv-productions the lions share of the work lies in post production where several camera takes need to be edited into a single frame. This was something we’d never tried before. The Löfbergs experience from Colombia was the first sponsored experience in the DN VR-app.

Alongside the brand experience in the DN booth at Almedalen and on a native site at DN.se this was a perfect combination of different medias joining forces to create a unique experience.

Results for this campaign

Löfbergs increased their investments with Bonnier news with 196% due to this deal. We’ve been able to use this case as a great reference when pitching other DN-VR deals.

We distributed the VR-experience in DN.VR (app) with 15.000+ users. Regarding the Long-read native campaign we reached 49.000+ unique visitors, and had a time spent of 2.05 minutes. With the event and live campaign at Almedalen. During the week at Almedalen we had a total of 32.000 visitors.

Many parties were involved in this deal. Bonnier News Brand Studio produced content for native and newspaper advertorials. We used Vobling for the VR-production and DI Live ran the activation during Almedalen. All the players worked closely together with the client Löfbergs.

This is a deal that has all the components of a winner. Impact by way of increase in revenue, innovation in using new technology. But above all a concept that adds an enhanced experience to the editorial content of the VR app.


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