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Overview of this campaign


Project Moment was a substantial investment for WSJ, so ensuring the findings would be understood and actioned was always a key objective. Acknowledging that different stakeholders have varying levels of experience of the application of research findings, we had to factor the communication of the research findings into the project up-front.

Therefore, a cross-departmental working group was formed, comprising every department (Newsroom, Product/Tech, Marketing, Sales, Finance, Operations, Service, Experience) eventually impacted by the findings. This created project ambassadors, who evangelized about the project in their own departments, as well as upskilled those less familiar with the application of research in advance of the delivery.

The project lasted 5 months, so to keep stakeholders engaged and informed, a weekly newsletter was distributed to all interested parties. Additionally, an interim debrief was held midway through the project, and colleagues not directly involved in the project were invited to attend the focus groups that formed part of the project – all to keep momentum and drive excitement.

For the senior decision-makers, from whom buy-in of the findings was needed for support around strategy and budget asks, a short video relaying the key insights was produced. The format was chosen to fit the hectic life of a senior exec at News Corp, and was supplemented with a personalized report tailored to the exec’s area of responsibility, specifically articulating the research implications for them and their teams.

Across the broader company, the Customer Intelligence and Product teams partnered to run a series of global presentations which were live-streamed and also recorded and shared globally via an email-campaign. The presentations shared the research findings and the revised product strategy and roadmaps so everyone understood the changes we were making – and why. With it all grounded in a rigorous understanding of our customer’s needs and wants obtained through the research, it subsequently gave a sense of purpose and a clear rallying point for everyone across WSJ, strengthening collaboration between departments as we implemented the new strategy.

Results for this campaign

The approach taken for communicating and activating the findings from Project Moment yielded unpresented results, from the impact it has had at a strategic level to the real change it has meant for our customers and our own culture internally.

Says Matt Murray, WSJ Editor-in-Chief: "The findings have become central to the most profound revamping of our newsroom and strategy that we have undertaken in decades. They are a core driver of our new mobile-first strategy in the newsroom.”

All 6 product principles identified in the research have been adopted by the Product/Team teams and now form the cornerstone of the WSJ’s digital product strategy. All product roadmaps have been revised and are now aligned around the principles, which drive task prioritisation.

Most encouragingly, products build in accordance with these principles are seeing improvement in KPIs of up to +300%, driving deeper engagement, solidifying habits, and strengthening customer loyalty.

The collaborative approach with stakeholders working cross-departmentally engaged colleagues across the business. It produced lasting customer advocates, and departments where research understanding was low prior to the project was trained in how to use customer research effectively through their project participation.

The final phase of the communication strategy, which combined live presentations with recordings circulated via email campaign, means that 500+ employees globally have attended a presentation on Project Moment either in-person or via live-stream or have seen the recording of the presentations and the exec video.

 As Suzi Watford, WSJ EVP & CMO, expresses it: "Project Moment is a pivotal moment in WSJ’s history: it is a jointly supported and commissioned piece from both Marketing and Newsroom, and signals a change in approach; starting with our members. The impact will reverberate across the business and for many years to come."


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