2018 Finalist

TN Todo Noticias new mobile Apps

Artear SA

Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina

Category Mobile

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Overview of this campaign

For TN Todo Noticias the Android and iOS applications have a fundamental meaning: they are the space in which the brand has the greatest weight to decide the contents, functionalities, design and strategies. Why? Because as we know Google and Facebook have become key pieces for the distribution of content.


The main objectives of our applications had to do with guaranteeing an excellent user experience in a context of precarious connectivity like that of Argentina. With that goal, an interdisciplinary team of journalists, developers, designers and product managers worked for 4 months to build a product that stood out from the rest of the news applications of the Argentine market.


The product had many challenges: it had to guarantee a good quality streaming video 24 hours a day in up to 5 different transmissions. The application has articles that are distinguished by its simple design and easy for reading, but also includes the ability to watch videos while reading articles. It also features 360-degree videos, push notifications and sports scores.


Another challenge was to establish a new way of managing the relationship with users in the stores of each operating system. In this way, in addition to understanding the problems and needs of our audience, we found a way to improve our applications and ensure a good score in stores to have a better position.


Undoubtedly it was a project with a lot to work and full of challenges, which had much more interesting results than expected.


Results for this campaign

The application currently has more than 1 million downloads between the two operating systems, with more than 300,000 active users per month (Firebase Analytics, Google). The average rating is above 4 points in stores and user reviews are highly positive. The results exceeded all expectations.

The objective of keeping our audience informed with the breaking news was fulfilled: up to 40,000 people simultaneously came to our applications at key moments of the news coverage.

During the coverage of the legislative elections in Argentina, our applications presented a surpassing coverage: we had at the disposal of the users 5 simultaneous live broadcasts, videos with news of the whole day, results in real time for all the provinces of Argentina and a publication constant push notifications that were published with the most important news.

In addition to the recognition of users and other media in the country, we obtained international awards. In October 2017 we received the World Digital Media Award (WAN IFRA) for the best mobile application and in November we received the EPPY Award for the best mobile news application.


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