BlogBuster: Words have power. Words inspire.

BlogBuster: Words have power. Words inspire.

24sata d.o.o.

Zagreb, Croatia

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Overview of this campaign

The early 2000s, the golden era of blogging, but soon it was obvious that social media would take over as an easy way to reach broad audiences. Blogging was suddenly almost forgotten. There were still bloggers with great content and passion but many of them failed to make a transition to the social media-powered world.  And this is where the idea was born. Our desire was to form a partnership with authors, give their content to a broad audience that we already had and also bring a new audience to our main website, leading media brand in Croatia.

Our goals were to find great bloggers and breathe a new life to the Croatian blogging scene, build new audience for our existing digital platforms, not only focus on clicks, but focus on Time Spent and show that there is an audience for long quality content, assemble a team of best and most creative Croatian authors/bloggers, both famous influencers and people with micro-communities, raise awareness about the quality of the blogging scene with the clients and teach the market about influencer marketing and premium native content.

We started a brand awareness campaign "Fortune cookie" to raise brand awareness and inspire our community while also raising engagement.

Words have power. Words inspire. Words encourage. Words engage. The greatest strength of BlogBuster is real people that write about their life or something they are passionate about. They inspire our readers to be a better version of themselves and to question and think positive about their surroundings. So we created a microsite with virtual fortune cookies that contained inspiring quotes from our bloggers. The quotes were linked to their original blogs to encourage our readers to visit and read the original texts. The campaign was distributed on social media and through our 24sata Digital Network using banners and PR articles.

Results for this campaign

Results of the brand awareness campaign:

The campaign was active for 90 days and in that period it had
- 73.352 unique users that opened a virtual fortune cookie
- 235.271 page views
- a low bounce rate of 35%
- almost 200.000 opened fortune cookies
- 6.000 Facebook shares and 50% new likes on our Facebook page


Total results for 2017:

It took us a year to build a Facebook page with over 120.000 people where we distribute our content using Instant Articles.

Our content generated over 4.5 million sessions on all platforms.

Our time spent of 3:46 min is almost a minute better from average time spent on our website

An average session of a BlogBuster user is 10:26 min which is almost twice as better than an average session on website.

We managed to secure a new segment of an audience on website where BlogBuster is a separate section - around 340.000 monthly unique users, aged 18 -34 years that normally don't visit website.

We are managing a team of a dozen of bloggers/authors, including the biggest Croatian influencer Ella Dvornik.

 Already in the first year, many of our clients recognized the potential of BlogBuster and started advertising through our premium native packages.


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