The Face of Real News
2018 Finalist

The Face of Real News

The Wall Street Journal

New York, United States

Category Video

Overview of this campaign

Our goal was to provide an inside look at the one thing that neither fake nor partisan news sources can offer readers—a dedication to pure journalistic integrity. While easy headlines that pander to audiences capture attention, we wanted to remind the public that only real journalism, based on hard work and integrity, deserves their trust. This “behind the scenes” look at everything that goes into breaking a huge story or building an acclaimed career served to build a deeper connection between our readers and the journalists in whom they trust.

We aimed to both bolster engagement with our current members as well as warm up prospective audiences to becoming members in our sales marketing acquisition funnel. Engagement success was judged based on video plays and completions as well as engagement on social media in the form of likes, comments, etc. Ultimately, the videos were meant to foster a sense of familiarity between the journalists and our readers by making them see both their professional and personal sides.


Furthermore, “Face of Real News” merged several strategies to develop the sales marketing funnel. We first aimed to reach new audiences while optimizing towards a subscription conversion. Focus then shifted towards optimizing a video completion from new audiences as Facebook has the capability to retarget on video views. Finally, we explored using video change consideration of the brand amongst newer audiences but also amongst audiences that have had a touch point with the WSJ brand.


We produced the series with a staggered production timeline that culminated in our first release in late February of 2017. Each entry was created on a two-week long production cycle, with overlapping reviews and delivery dates to ensure timely releases on a weekly schedule. We offered an exclusive early preview for Journal members via a special digital newsletter before publishing a special edition print ad featured in the weekend edition of the Journal that coincided with its public release in a variety of digital channels.

Results for this campaign

Across the campaign, we’ve driven over 4,739,761 video views. On social, the videos have resulted in 115,658 engagements (likes/comments/shares). From the warm sentiments of the comments and overall feedback on the campaign, it is evident that these videos helped our readers see the journalists in a new, more humane and relatable light. A special event was held for members featuring the journalists on a panel interviewed by our Editor in Chief, Gerard Baker. Members jumped at the chance to hear the journalists speak, and converse with them at a cocktail reception following the event. When asked for feedback, our members raved about the chance to interact directly with the featured journalists and discuss both their work and shared interests.


We were able to drive consideration amongst new audiences, delivering a competitive cost per order. We then developed a strategy to continue identifying new audiences to drive consideration but shifting optimization towards video completions. Overall we were able to drive 2,065,259 retargetable video views, and 14,695 clicks, increasing our audience size by 42%.


As an ongoing series, the videos have fostered a tremendous amount of support from both readers and journalists alike. The campaign’s principled stance against the failing trustworthiness of news media was a welcome message for those hoping to stay informed without fear of manipulation or lazy reporting. As an institution designed to provide transparency in the highest levels of business and politics, the Journal’s application of those same principles to their own work had reaffirmed for their millions of members the fact that the faith placed in their reporting was well-deserved, and squarely established their brand of unbiased journalism as the “Face of Real News”.


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