NEW BUSINESS : The Straits Times Wine (ST Wine)

NEW BUSINESS : The Straits Times Wine (ST Wine)

Singapore Press Holdings

SG, Singapore

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Overview of this campaign

The Straits Times aim to be more than just a news provider by engaging subscribers on a different level altogether – being an e-commerce platform selling wine and expanding by exploring almost anything that goes with wine, be it gourmet selections or gift sets.

ST Wine also targets to bring in new revenue apart from the traditional advertising methods.

We want to make available highly rated wines at affordable prices, and even exclusive finds – not found on the shelves of supermarkets and shops here locally.

The Straits Times will review the wines and relate the tasting notes to locals in a way they can easily understand.

ST Wine wants to reach out to readers on a more personal level by organizing various on-ground events to cater for different audience groups in The Straits Times’ subscribers’ base.

Results for this campaign

ST Wine is set up to engage subscribers in a novel way, providing them with a credible platform to shop for wines with an ease of mind.

Within a year from launch, ST Wine brought in over $500,000 new revenue.

ST Wine now have various partners to provide even more variety and choices for our readers, from flower gift sets, cosmetics gift sets, whiskies, caterings, and ad hoc gourmet selections – all of which are paired with wines.

To be able to give our readers highly rated wines at wholesale prices with good discounts, we source and partner top, reliable wine merchants and bring together the different labels they carry from various vineyards and wine makers.

The Straits Times explains the tasting notes from wine makers in a simplified version that is easier to understand, as well as pairs the wines with food that resonates with locals – a value add service for readers.

ST Wine organizes events such as :
1) ST Wine Fair – Selected merchants take part and wines are on sale for a limited period of time at a particular venue where tastings are done and wines can be bought on the spot
2) Masterclasses – Different masterclasses have different topics, and wine experts are invited to give their valuable insights and share more about the wines, regions and so on.
3) Wine Pairing Dinners – We work with merchants, hotels and restaurants to pair a special menu with wines for a wholesome experience


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