Accelerator - driving traffic to Zoznam

Accelerator - driving traffic to Zoznam


Stockholm, Sweden

Category Best Idea to Grow Digital Readership or Engagement

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Overview of this campaign

Publisher collaboration through the Accelerator is a long-term strategic decision rather than a short-term campaign. The concept of intelligent traffic sharing challenges the traditional competition perceptions, but is crucial for publishers to compete with the reach and targeting that Facebook can offer.

For Zoznam the main objective with the Accelerator was:

  • to attract new traffic to their key online magazines
  • generate substantial advertising revenues
  • without having to spend money in traffic acquisition.

Results for this campaign

All traffic was evaluated against Direct, Google and Facebook traffic in terms of bounce rate, time spent and pageviews/session. The results were astonishing, Accelerator traffic outperformed Facebook traffic in 95% of the cases, and Google organic in 60%. But even more remarkable: Accelerator traffic beat direct traffic in 65% of the cases.

Key metrics:

  • Visitors coming from other media sites (via Accelerator) generate 62% more pageviews than visitors coming from Facebook.

  • The average session length for visitors coming via Accelerator was:
    • 144% longer than for visitors coming from Facebook
    • 19% longer than for visitors coming from Google
    • 27% longer than Direct traffic.



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