The Shared Dream Became Reality
2018 Finalist

The Shared Dream Became Reality

24sata d.o.o.

Zagreb, Croatia

Category Native Advertising

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Overview of this campaign


- to connect Coca-Cola with teens and millennials through an innovative YouTube content

- promote Coca-Cola's mobile app "Shake and Take" within the target population

- an increase of the Coca-Cola beverages

YouTube content has exploded over the past years in Croatia, but there is a lack of quality and engaging content made by domestic YouTubers, so Croatians have to find entertainment on foreign channels.

JoomBoos, the greatest Croatian YouTube network, always strives to be one step ahead in creating fun and innovative content for fans and advertisers. With that in mind, we wanted to create an original type of content never done in the region before to enrich the national YouTube scene and connect with the fans on a new level.

Our main objective was to bring together JoomBoos fans and Coca-Cola's platform "Taste the feeling" in a fun way through exciting content. We wanted to include all social media platforms, but also give fans an opportunity to become content co-creators. We wanted to present Coca-Cola as the coolest, quirkiest and most fun brand for the teens and millennials and, at the same time, JoomBoos as the best place on YouTube to find original and engaging content. Main KPI's for "The Shared Dream" were focused on the number of video views and total view time. During the show, which had 10 episodes, the expected number of video views on YouTube was 1,000,000 with a total engagement of 75,000. We also wanted to achieve an average view time of 5 minutes and 5,000 likes per episode.

Results for this campaign

We teamed up with Coca-Cola and used their platform "Taste the feeling" for our creative approach to promote the Coca-Cola app “Shake and take”.

We made the first regional, originally scripted, YouTube series called “The shared dream”.

Through 10 exciting episodes, we have achieved completely organic reach and massive engagement with an average of 360.000 views and 19.000 likes per episode. The average view time was 8,30 minutes (double the channels average). Total views 3,600,000, with the total view time of over 54 years and total engagement of over 210,000.

The theme song of the series, named “The Shared dream”, became an instant YouTube hit with 500,000 views on YouTube in just a couple of weeks. The song became trending on YouTube and in popular music apps Deezer and Spotify.

During the series, the sale of the Coca-Cola beverages among target doubled, the growth of the previous year (10%>21%) and a number of downloads of Coca-Cola's app was 60% higher in every week.


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