The Inequality Issue
2018 Winner

The Inequality Issue


Auckland, New Zealand

Category Advertising Sales and Retention

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Overview of this campaign

Westpac are evolving to become a purpose led organization. In this evolution they have a range of products, services and initiatives that prove their commitment to personal, societal and environmental concerns, to help grow a better NZ.

A core pillar of this was Gender Equality. With women accounting for 49% of NZ’s workforce, the same could not be said for leadership roles. With an internal focus on this WNZL were ahead of the curve amongst NZ business with over 50% of their leadership positions held by Women. To highlight the severity of this issue, they commissioned a report through Deloitte to understand the impact.

The core finding?

An embarrassingly small 29% of women in NZ sat in roles defined as leadership positions.

NZME looked to find a way to shine a light on this statistic and encourage NZ businesses to take action. With over 241,000 Business Leaders engaging with Herald business content (The Business magazine, Business pages in the Herald newspaper Mon-Fri or ) NZME is in the unique position to reach over 39% of New Zealand business leaders to stand up and take notice.

Results for this campaign

Our insight was unearthed from the numbers themselves, and even more so how we process them.

29% in leadership, $900m to the economy, 49% workforce, 51% at Westpac…..numbers, numbers and more numbers. Yet as people our brains are visually wired. Processing words and numbers isn’t something we were built for. By contrast our ability to see the visual world and interpret it is hard wired in. 

We needed to create a simple yet hugely affecting illustration to drive the change this report deserved. We created a first ever, limited edition print run of The Business, with 29% of the content blanked out..

This special issue was delivered to influencers, and reflected in an editorial piece, front of NZ Herald The Business print edition, with a reach of the overall NZ Herald paper edition of over 407,000 readers day of launch. 


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