Alive 375
2018 Finalist

Alive 375



Category Native Advertising

Overview of this campaign

The goal of the campaign was to promote festivities tied to Montreal’s 375th anniversary, which took place throughout 2017. The client, called The Society of the Celebrations of Montreal’s 375th Anniversary, wanted the events to be well publicized, and well attended by both local residents and international visitors. They hoped this campaign would boost tourism, as well as the city’s brand beyond 2017.

Because there were so many events (literally hundreds) and they spanned a broad range of activities (from ice canoeing to music festivals), we proposed native advertising that would cover the most important period of the festivities, from January to September.

The native advertising campaign was divided into three thematic clusters:

  • Les Hivernales (4 articles + 2 videos published in January and February), focusing on winter festivities
  • City of Design (4 articles + 2 videos published in April), related to design-themed events
  • The Neighbourhood Map series (19 maps published weekly from May to September), revolving around a program of 19 neighbourhoods tours 

To support this native campaign, we also created a “Montreal’s 375th” hub on the Montreal Gazette website. Any editorial story or native article relating to the 375th was posted on this hub throughout the year, in addition to daily posts featuring different historical anecdotes about the city.

 The hub was sponsored by the Society, and because we posted to it daily, the hub remained on the Montreal Gazette’s homepage ticker. This, along with regular content, helped keep the 375th on people’s minds. 

More information is available in one of the documents attached to this submission.

Results for this campaign

On all fronts, the campaign exceeded our expectations in terms of performance. We met and often surpassed industry benchmarks with click-through and engagement rates.

Some of the page views for this campaign beat several internal records, especially with the Neighbourhood Maps series, which also generated a lot of positive feedback—both by email and on Facebook—from readers. In fact, some even collected the printed versions of the maps.

One of the documents attached to this submission contains specific information on click-through and engagement rates, as well as page views, and a client testimonial. Please consult it for more on the campaign’s results.


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