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Overview of this campaign

Imagine a project that can really change people’s lives. We aimed to create a project that will go far beyond the group of regular readers of GW and reach new groups of readership. A project focused around tomorrownauts - that means, extraordinary people with spectacular achievements in many different fields, in which we could tell their stories, but also allow our readers to meet those people and learn from them. A project socially engaged and engaging - not only do the tomorrownauts inspire the audience, they also encourage them to come up with their own initiatives.

We have also opened up a contest for „Beyond the Horizon Ticket” scholarship for individuals who work on interesting projects. Seven of the tomorrownauts were chosen to act as mentors. Each one of them chose a participant whom they would support in the implementation of projects, as well as in their future careers. That is the mentors’ contribution to our programme and to the future.

We wanted to give readers and participants of the meetings a real-life experience of how we will live in 10, 15 and 20 years. How technology, entertainment and food will change in the future. For that purpose, we created a special expo zone at the Future Festival event.

The project was based on publications in the press ("Gazeta Wyborcza" and its supplements), the Internet ( website, thematic websites of Agora group), social media (Facebook, Instagram), radio (TOK FM), and events. We built it in the spirit of digital- and mobile-first principles. We published all the stories of Tomorrownauts on the website, part of them as video coverages. We also used the website to announce the "Ticket Beyond the Horizon" scholarship program. We spread the information widely through social media channels. We streamed live events online – so that we could reach much, much broader audience. We were watched by people from various places in Poland and abroad, in front of computers and mobile phones, in their homes and outdoors.

Results for this campaign

The project ran for 113 days.

Over 40 unique personalities from various fields involved in the project (tomorrownauts, experts and fellowship winners).

77 publications in the press and on the Internet.

The website was visited by 344,000 unique users, generating 595,000 page views (Source: GemiusTraffic, 9.09-31.12.2017).

The most widely read text had 91,500 views.

5 live meetings with the tomorrownauts in 3 cities: Warsaw, Katowice, Wroclaw; including: tomorrownauts’ sharing their stories, discussion panels, and prototyping workshops.

Approximately 1000 attendees gathered in the hall, half of which were the guests of the Future Festival final event. A dozen prototypes of robots and innovative devices, some of them not in regular use yet.

The live coverages from events on Gazeta Wyborcza’s Facebook profile had 465,000 viewers. They totaled 137,500 views.

1,424,908 users saw Facebook posts about the project

40,000 views of instastories - Instagram reports from events

The Tomorrownauts have naturally become the project ambassadors through sharing information on their social media accounts; some even recorded exclusive video invitations.

The project was promoted by Polish influencers (with some of them even entering the competition for the fellowship programme!).

207 projects submitted in the fellowship competition. Seven winners who will spend time with mentors - in Hollywood studios, production halls occupied by designers in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, or porcelain factory in Cmielów, Swietokrzyskie, Poland. Their stories of how this experience has changed their lives - to be told this year.

 Over 1.23 million readers of Gazeta Wyborcza had an opportunity to read at least on publication from the „Tomorrownauts” series. (Data from: Polskie Badanie Czytelnictwa; by MillwardBrown; IX-XI.2017; N = 4 980; OTS1+ i Freq indicators (publications in Gazeta Wyborcza: 1 Friday, 15 Saturday), edited by Agora S.A.)

56,002,805 receivers’ expositions to the Tomorrownauts logo during the project’s duration in all media.


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