How classic lifestyle journalism generates new business revenue

How classic lifestyle journalism generates new business revenue



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Overview of this campaign

During 2017, it became clear that Aftonbladet required new revenue to finance its lifestyle journalism. At the same time, Schibsted Growth was looking for a more conversion-driving business model for its companies. The solution was deeper collaboration within Schibsted’s ecosystem.

Aftonbladet’s independence and relevant journalism would generate visitors who could ultimately become customers of the companies in Schibsted Growth. The investment also included a number of measures aimed at increasing external traffic.

Aftonbladet identified journalism within six strong lifestyle areas which are in harmony with Schibsted Growth’s companies. A team of seven, consisting of reporters, analysts and business specialists, has been working together since May.

The staff work entirely data-driven and everything published is optimised for search engines and viral sharing to increase traffic and convert the readers into customers of Schibsted Growth companies.

The choice of articles is governed by news, current affairs and search data. It could be about the drama on the housing market, mortgages, interest rates, house prices, electricity agreements, insurance, pensions or banning diesel.

Article examples:
”Here are the banks’ rigid mortgage criteria”
”How the new car tax works”
”Free carriage from China on the way out”
”Green light for diesel ban”
”Save SEK thousands on your electricity contract”
”This summer’s best wines”
”Volvo’s new car revealed – by mistake”
”More people now believe that house prices will rise”
”The couple who are retiring before 40”
”Price collapse on travel – bargains to the sun”

Results for this campaign

These are topics which engage Aftonbladet’s readers, and we have found that they lead to an excellent conversion rate. In addition, each article is written with effective search word optimisation, and this has generated additional external traffic to Aftonbladet’s lifestyle articles, with an increase of 1,6 % in visits from Google between April and December 2017 compared to the same period in 2016.

Each article also contains relevant ad links and ad widgets from Schibsted Growth companies.

The reporters in the new editorial team are governed by journalistic principles, but their subjects suit many of the companies in Schibsted’s ecosystem, and that is what is utilised in the ecosystem. This makes the whole greater than the sum of the individual parts.

During the year, traffic and conversions to the companies increased and the project is regarded as highly successful. It is a new way of generating new business revenue for engaging lifestyle journalism.

This approach also facilitates the collection of data about users and niche topics, and this results in smarter advertising and opens totally new opportunities and new revenue streams.


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