Sarthak Deepawali- Joy of giving Respect

Sarthak Deepawali- Joy of giving Respect


Bhopal, India

Category Best Use of Video

Overview of this campaign

Generally, appeals are made by brands to share joy and spread happiness for the underprivileged section of the society by sharing gifts and chocolates with them. Dainik Bhaskar’s video urged viewers not only to share gifts but also to respect people who deserve it. This was done in line with the video’s theme “Samaan ke saath Sammaan”(Giving Respect along with gifts). 

Results for this campaign

The video portrays the relationship between a woman and her domestic help. The video starts off with Diwali festival’s decorations being done in an Indian house. After doing domestic chores of the house, the lady of the house offered gifts and clothes to her domestic help. Later in the evening, when houses are lit up with earthen lamps and electrical lights, the lady visits the house of her domestic help. After stepping into her premises, the lady tells her domestic help that she has missed out giving her one last thing. To her surprise, the domestic help replied her that “You have given me so many gifts”. The lady then gave her domestic help a hug saying that she missed out giving the respect.


  • The video garnered 4.2 million views on Facebook platform
  • More than 0.25 million readers shared the video through Whatsapp.
  • Celebrities and business clients tweeted and shared the videos on Youtube and Whatsapp.


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