A Glass Half Full
2018 Finalist

A Glass Half Full

Jagran Prakashan Ltd

New Delhi, India

Category Readership and Engagement

Overview of this campaign


Mechanically pumped groundwater provides 85% of India's drinking water. India holds the dubious record of groundwater depletion at one of the fastest rates in the world.  With 4% of the world’s water resources, India is seriously water-stressed, says Greenpeace.


Only 50% of urban India has access to treated tap water. The average household receives water for about two hours/day. Not a single Indian city can provide 24x7 clean drinking water on tap. Millions are affected by water-borne diseases.


An archaic 1882 colonial law governs groundwater use. Four different government bodies regulate groundwater, yet we don’t have a single database. Water policies are ad-hoc, incoherent, and poorly implemented. Politicians prefer rhetoric over action as they scout for votes.

Water ministries are staffed with engineers and generalist civil servants with no knowledge of climate, ecology, farming, population, economics, and community politics.


4.5 mn citizens of Lucknow, the capital of India’s largest state, grapple with a water shortage thanks to faulty filters and a leaky supply system that leaks millions of litres. Groundwater stress is more than just a hydrologic issue, as usage of the resource is shaped by human behaviour and economic policy. Dainik Jagran stepped in to find solutions leveraging the power of community. Transcending the margins of our pages, we stepped out on ground zero with the belief that water problems won’t go away by themselves, rather, they’ll worsen, unless communities intervene.

Water specialists stress on three “Rs”: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Given the current groundwater situation and the lopsided demand-supply equation, our solution relied on the 1st R  - Reduce . It was imperative to shift the narrative to water conservation.


Specific objectives:

-        Mobilize community to conserve water

-        Fix water leakages

-        Create next generation change leaders

-        Demonstrate that Dainik Jagran stands for community

Results for this campaign

The campaign’s message was “Use Half Glass of Water” across every consumption occasion.

APPOINTING WATER PATRONS: We partnered ‘Uttar Pradesh Hotel & Restaurant Association’ and asked 100 Hotels and Restaurants to serve Half Glass water instead of the customary Full Glass to all guests. Tent Cards were displayed on tables, along with posters with the campaign message.

WATER ENGINEERS TO THE RESCUE: A Team of ‘Water Engineers’ was set up. Citizens could call on a toll free number and report problems of leaky taps or pipelines, and the engineers would fix the leaks.

APPOINTING WATER HEROES: We appointed 83,968 students as Water Heroes. They spread awareness in their localities, and filled a checklist at home for 15 days on serving Half Glass water to guests, saving water during brushing teeth, during vehicle cleaning, and while taking bath.

MAINSTREAMING THE ISSUE: Editorial content set the agenda for water conservation


-        1,39,285 students took the Water Conservation pledge

-        32 Street theatres

-        10,000 children participated in a water conservation themed painting competition

-        Water Heroes painted walls with the campaign message



During the 60 day campaign, we saved 15.5 mn litres of water that was worth INR 155 mn

-        100 hotels and restaurants saved 3,00,000 litres

-        3300 customer complaints addressed by Water Engineers saving 10mn litres

-        Water Heroes saved about 5 mn litres

Conservatively, the annual economic impact of this could be INR 700 mn saving 70 mn litres


Dainik Jagran had the highest readership in the city with over 1 mn readers*


As per research**, Dainik Jagran had :

-        Highest Top of Mind Awareness and an increase over comparable period last year

-        Highest scores on the following brand image parameters

  • This brand is the market leader
  • This newspaper is innovative
  • This newspaper takes on relevant issues
  • This newspaper makes me a better citizen

Source: Brand Study : Dec ’17**, IRS 2017*


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