Børsen Gazelle Awards
2018 Finalist

Børsen Gazelle Awards


Copenhagen K, Denmark

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Overview of this campaign

A general objective of the campaign is to celebrate the year’s gazelles and recognize their success, whether at the award ceremonies, in Børsen’s editorial coverage or through the marketing campaign, especially on Børsen’s social media.
With the gazelle award ceremonies and their related activities, Børsen also wants to brand itself, strengthen its position with the year’s gazelles and the newspaper’s readers, and bring these target groups closer to the Børsen brand. Furthermore, the aim is to raise awareness among the wider public that it is Børsen that is behind the gazelle awards, which objectively recognize and honor the fastest growing companies in Denmark, and to brand Børsen as a media company that recognizes the growth layer in Denmark. In so doing, the aim is also to increase society’s focus on and recognition of private initiative, which is regarded as essential for Danish business. In all the above, Børsen wants to cement the newspaper’s position as an expert in Danish business and bring the newspaper and its readers closer to Danish growth companies by knowing more about the gazelles than anyone else – and sharing this knowledge at the award ceremonies and in our editorial coverage. A key secondary objective is that the gazelles enroll for the ceremony in their region, thus hopefully gaining a positive experience of Børsen. Here, it is also important that the award ceremonies are able to present Børsen's core service, which is insight into analysis of and opinion on Danish business, as well as giving pride of place to celebration. In order to succeed with this, the programme features both celebration (3 winners at each regional ceremony), case interviews, technical content, in the form of a presentation of the gazelle analysis and the panel debates. The analysis also forms the starting point for the editorial coverage of gazelle in Børsen. 

Results for this campaign

We had a commercial site for enrolment, practical information, purchasing of merchandise (statuette, logo, diploma, wine etc.), and an editorial site containing all gazelle-related articles. We ended up with more than 3,500 participants, all venues were sold out, the conferences received an average rating of 4.3 out of 5, and during the campaign period more than 288,000 people read gazelle articles on borsen.dk. Photos from the award ceremonies, nomination letters, diplomas etc. were (and still are) regularly shared on social media with #gazelle2017. To raise awareness of the award ceremonies among the year’s gazelles, they were all sent a physical letter containing information about their nomination and an invitation to attend the award ceremony and participate in the gazelle analysis. In order to support the branding objectives of the campaign, we advertised the gazelle ceremonies in Børsen and via banner ads on borsen.dk, where the focus was on generating interest in the conferences and the editorial coverage (equal focus). In order to further support the branding of Børsen, but with a more external focus, we also ran a major PR project around the award ceremonies, which resulted in a 34% increase in external media clips featuring both “Børsen” and “Gazelle”. Furthermore, we produced a series of films for social media to promote the recipients’ interest in and fascination with Børsen Gazelle by exemplifying what makes a gazelle company, with specific cases of gazelles. From these films, we produced graphics featuring quotes social media by editor-in-chief Niels Lunde with the aim of generating discussion and engagement among users and deploying Niels Lunde as an expert, just as he is in the newspaper. Overall, Børsen Gazelle is an extremely profitable campaign. In 2017, there were seven partners associated with the campaign, and there were various revenue drivers: newspaper subscription at a special price for gazelles; the gazelle statuette; diploma and logo; tickets for the award ceremonies; and gazelle wine. 


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