2018 Finalist

Watchdog Editorial Campaign

Newsday Media Group

Melville, United States

Category Brand Awareness Campaigns

Overview of this campaign

Newsday Consumer Marketing promoted the newsroom’s enterprise reporting across multiple platforms in 2017. In-paper ads along with digital and TV initiatives spotlighted stories that bring crucial news and information to our readers.

Campaign objectives:

• Promote Newsday content effectively and accurately

• Attract and retain readership

• Highlight Newsday’s enterprise journalism

Print and Digital

The goal behind these campaigns was to further Newsday’s position as the authority of hard news coverage in the local market. Our enterprise and investigative reporting fills a demonstrated need among our subscribers that want accurate, in-depth and fair coverage. The marketing campaigns associated with the reporting solidifies Newsday as the watchdog of Long Island.

For bigger investigations, email blasts and digital ad units were deployed to drive engagement with the digital audience. This was crucial during the launch of the Separate and Unequal investigation focusing on local tax issues, with two emails blasts linking to the story and its interactive features. 


Consumer Marketing produced in-house television commercials highlighting key components of Newsday special investigations, specifically our watchdog reporting. The broadcast promotions showcased the hard-hitting, quality journalism that’s being produced by Newsday. 

The TV spot focused on corruption and what Newsday unearthed on a local police sheriff that’s now in prison, a corrupt jail lieutenant and a tax-evading councilman. The second commercial highlighted our coverage of local issues including pollution in local parks and housing blight. 

Results for this campaign

According to audience development data, 83 percent of respondents to a 2017 Newsday Audience Research survey said they remember reading stories featured in the commercials, while 81 percent saw the content as important and 71 percent relied on Newsday for investigative reporting. 

Additionally, 33 percent agreed that these stories are helpful, interesting and keep them informed.

Email blasts for the Separate and Unequal investigation generated nearly 4,500 clicks to the story and its interactive features on launch day. The email blasts garnered a 15.8 and 11.1 percent open rates from active and former subscribers, respectively.

From Feb. 3 to Feb. 17, the Separate and Unequal tax map, which let users search their property tax assessment versus their neighbors, and we promoted with print, digital ads and email blasts in that span, registered 102,227 page views and 27,773 unique visitors during the campaign. The page topped off at 173,719 page views on Dec. 31. The interactive version of the print story received 34,425 page views during the campaign and finished the year at 44,666.

During our Summer of Hell transportation promotion, the coverage received 35,657 unique visitors and 70,155 page views between July 9 and 10, 2017, with 88 percent of the traffic coming from the NYC DMA, coinciding with our full page print ads in Newsday and digital ads on Newsday.com and in the Newsday app.

Data source: Newsday Audience Research and Adobe Omniture data


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