2018 Finalist

Telegraph Snapchat Discover

The Telegraph

London, United Kingdom

Category Mobile

Overview of this campaign

The campaign aimed to create a dedicated audience for Telegraph content in the under-25 demographic, encouraging both brand awareness and content engagement.

From its multi-edition coverage of the 2017 election to its dedicated editions on sexual harassment and North Korea, The Telegraph has set itself apart from the majority celebrity-focused news and specialist publishers on the platform.

The team’s coverage of the YouTube Logan Paul’s fall from grace led the news agenda on Discover, providing comment, analysis and investigation of the scandal, and drawing in millions of unique users to the channel.

Over eight months, the edition has created a new Telegraph voice to communicate with a younger readership, enabling a now committed audience of hundreds of thousands of teen and young millennials to go beyond the headlines and unearth more substance in their Snapchat Discover experience.


Results for this campaign

Since launch, the channel’s readership - 44% in 13-17 demographic - has grown to 700k daily uniques (average taken for January), with 3m readers aged under 17 having viewed the channel since launch.

A steady audience in 2017 has been transformed in 2018 with the steepest overall growth for both new and core users for the channel. The number of daily unique users has rocketed by 187%, while daily core users has risen by 216%.

The six-part series on Logan Paul attracted a total of 4.87m unique viewers over five editions, with a 248% increase on The Telegraph's average daily viewership. The series twice set records for daily unique viewers. While other channels, including Sky News, Daily Mail and The Sun, ran topline coverage, The Telegraph’s channel, working across multiple desks, produced a unique range of comment and audience-specific analysis.

The general election coverage, over five sequential editions, focused on the build up, duration and aftermath, through video, imagery and news journalism distinct from the other social channels, aimed specifically at the Snapchat audience. These editions attracted a total of 1.07m unique viewers and 8.52m total views.

Through creative design, story selection and targeting strategies, a new audience has been carved out for The Telegraph, creating a new generation of readers who engage daily with the brand.


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