Myk! From on-line to TV
2018 Finalist

Myk! From on-line to TV

Agora S.A.

Warsaw, Poland

Category Product Development

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Overview of this campaign

As one of the biggest Polish news websites, reaches almost 60% of Polish users. Polish Facebook has an 82% reach and is highly focused on content videos, 75% of which are viewed on mobile devices. To cast some light on the phenomenon of social videos, it is essential to share some daily statistics: per day Facebook has 500 million users, 8 billion video views and 100 million watched hours worldwide.

We wanted to create a new audience segment. Thanks to social videos, we managed to reach younger users and refresh our image. What is even more important, it enabled us to show that we know, appreciate and answer the needs of Polish users. What are they? Polish people are interested mainly in easy, quick and cheap ways of making their lives easier. The "cheap" factor is particularly important here; the average Polish wage is almost 40% lower than the average wage in the European Union. We hold the 18th position when it comes to wages within the EU, therefore DIY and various "tricks" are much more important in Poland than in many other countries.

Results for this campaign

Myk appeals to Facebook users and mobile device users, corresponds with the needs of Polish recipients, follows current trends, habits and issues. In a year, it scored 22.5 million Facebook views and 25 million views within our websites. Thanks to Myk, enlarged its number of users and, at the same time, managed to make them more attached to the website as a whole.

Myk's content is vastly diverse. We tackle all kinds of everyday issues. We offer simple tricks in a modern, dynamic and short way. How to deal with a cold, how to clean silver jewellery, how to get rid of spiders, how to make an eco dish soap… All these questions may seem trivial but are essential in the everyday life of our users.

It turned out our "myks" are popular not only in Poland! The video showing "how to pack stuff into socks" gained an enormous popularity in Turkey, giving us more than 57 million views.

The popularity of our product is far bigger than we expected it to be. As we have become well-known in the Internet, we have been noticed by Metro TV, a Polish TV station. We are proud to say it is an unprecedented case - no native social video format had been adapted from the Internet to television before. Expanding the product, we created a weekly 30-minute broadcast called "Taki Myk!" ("What a Hack!") that is currently owned by the Dicovery Communications, Inc.

We doubled our audience segment both among web and television users; it gave us more sources of income (for instance, product placements).

Why did Myk succeed? Mainly because of our understanding of both media platforms and their users. Thanks to these achievements, we refreshed the image of and gained many recurring users.


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