Taking the Leap

Taking the Leap

Jagran Prakashan Ltd

New Delhi, India

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Overview of this campaign


Communication strategists believe that the digital age is pushing brands to move from being rehearsed rhetoricians to thought-provoking conversationalists. This requires an understanding of socio-cultural developments relevant to a brand and its audience, and the ability to respond to them realtime.

Shouldn’t a brand then, transcend its category and become part of our cultural fabric?


At Dainik Jagran, we decided to walk this path. Our quest led us to the fundamental reason of our existence – our language itself. Language, because it holds our culture and our collective memory. Yet, in India, we have a stark linguistic divide – a society where hierarchies of language saturate everyday life. And sitting precariously on the faultlines of this linguistic divide, is our storytelling tradition. Indeed, it’s our literature that keeps the written tradition alive.

Our challenge, as a Hindi newspaper, was to strengthen Hindi (the language of 400 mn Indians), and hand it down to the next generation. The best way, says linguist Devy, to conserve a language, is to create livelihood opportunities for its speakers. If a language goes unrecognized, and the community feels that it lacks market value, they collectively and unconsciously give up on it. Nobody keeps a language going just for pride.

Our leap was to reshape the Hindi literary tradition. The challenge was huge, because Hindi publishing industry is mired in secrecy. Publishers don’t rely on market data, falling back instead, on a network of informers. The industry’s many agencies function like rivals, rarely converging on issues. Author management is neglected. Authors are unaware of the dynamics of book production and marketing. Additionally, there is a schism between the Old and New Hindi writers. A writer’s bio sums up the situation “The writer’s cultivated the desire to revive popular fiction in Hindi. He’s mad”. In this backdrop, we launched our campaign to:

-        Expand the market for Hindi

-        Position Dainik Jagran as a thought leader

Results for this campaign

  1. 1.     CREATED THE 1ST EVER HINDI BESTSELLERS LIST: Using Nielsen’s proprietary tools along with a research across 43 towns, we launched Hindi BestSellers
  3. 3.     EIGHT BOOK LAUNCHES : Created a marketing platform for Hindi books
  4. 4.     EIGHT CONVERSATIONS WITH AUTHORS: Launched a conversation series, attended by 1200 people.
  5. 5.     ORGANIZED A FESTIVAL OF EXPRESSIONS: With 72 speakers, Jagran Samvadi had an attendance of 3000 people. The sessions generated an audience of 1mn in 3 days on Facebook Live.
  6. 6.     LAUNCHED THE 1ST EVER HINDI FELLOWSHIP PROGRAMME: To promote original research in Hindi on socio-cultural, political and contemporary history. Over 700 candidates have registered online.
  7. 7.     LAUNCHED A TALK SERIES in Hindi
  8. 8.     SPECIAL BOOK CARTS for bookstores to display Hindi Bestsellers.
  9. 9.     CREATED OVER 50 PAGES OF CONTENT in Dainik Jagran - analysis, book reviews, reports and interviews– taking the message to 70 mn readers
  10. 10.  A WEBSITE www.jagranhindi.in was created as the hub of the programme



  1. 1.     SALES IMPACT : Post launch of the Hindi Bestsellers List, major publishers have claimed increase in book orders by 15-18%. A leading bookstore in Delhi has claimed Hindi book sales have gone up by 3X
  2. 2.     HINDI BESTSELLER LIST – THE NEW BENCHMARK OF EXCELLENCE: Best Seller rankings are being used for book marketing.
  3. 3.     EARNED MEDIA: The programme has earned PR worth INR 6.2 mn


  1. Dainik Jagran became the 1st newspaper in India to reach 70 mn readers, and retained its No.1 ranking amongst newspapers
  2. As per Research, Dainik Jagran had highest:
    1. Top of Mind Awareness,
    2. Brand Health Score
    3. Brand Likeability Score
  3. Over comparable period last year, brand scores improved :
    1. “This newspaper is the market leader” : + 6%
    2. “This newspaper is serious”: +3%
    3. “This newspaper is unique” : +5%
    4. “ Look forward to getting this newspaper”: +9%

Source : Brand Study, Dec ’17 & IRS 2017


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