The Schibsted Daily - Foster Innovation through information
2018 Finalist

The Schibsted Daily - Foster Innovation through information


Stockholm, Sweden

Category Culture and People

Overview of this campaign

Recent history is full of stories about how large corporations fell hard after being challenged by smaller players, some of them even moving in from other fields. In an effort to not be disrupted out by an innovator, larger companies need to make sure they are as innovative as any competitors. As information and transformation spread faster than ever, seeing the trends from afar and understanding what they mean is critical to driving this innovation. Only having informed executives is not enough, the entire organization needs to know their company’s external context and internal strategy to move fast, innovate and cooperate. For a media company like Schibsted, this is especially important, the media industry moves fast and is rich with innovation.

After interviewing employees within Schibsted we realized that we are great at providing content to people across the world but not to our own employees. They lacked a structured way to get access to relevant content in a surrounding world of information overload, fake news, and filter bubbles. With this in mind, we developed a new service that combines existing techniques within Schibsted, our CMS and publishing platform, and our knowledge and experience of curating news. Schibsted employees were given The Schibsted Daily, a digital daily newsletter, Monday to Friday, with curated relevant news about the media industry mixed with valuable internal content about Schibsted. The aim is to give an easily digestible, forward-thinking summary of the most important trends in the industry. Curating the latest news, happenings, and ideas. Each article comes with one or several links for those who want to know more and dig deeper into specific subjects.

With the Schibsted Daily, we do what we are great at – writing stories. The content helps employees keep up with what is happening in the industry and makes it easier for them to innovate when they are all on the same page. We also give the internal communications team an efficient channel to spread information.

Results for this campaign

Since the launch of The Schibsted Daily in October, it has grown organically from 0 to 700+ subscribers, representing 10% of all Schibsted employees. The readers are spread across the world, working in different organizations and different roles. Together with the Schibsted Management team, we have decided to take the next step with our product and launch it to the entire company and add 7000 employees to the subscription list. This will make The Schibsted Daily the primary communication tool within the group to spread news about the industry and Schibsted’s role in it.


Daily average opening rate: 74,8% (Industry average: 15,7%) *Mailchimp

Feedback rate: 96% of respondents like the letter

Feedback from our users:

“Love the topic selection. As somebody working in the media division this is extremely helpful to get some insight into where the industry could be heading and at the same time have some more education about topics like cryptocurrencies and entertaining stuff. Super good”

“I'm impressed with the simplicity and yet comprehensive insight you're giving me every day. This is very useful and should not be an optional, but mandatory read for Schibsted employees. You're making my day - every day!”

“I enjoy the Schibsted Daily newsletter a lot - it's great to be able to stay up to date with the developments in the media space so easily. I don't read news as the number of sources is so overwhelming these days, but this quick and focused digest is just perfect. For the first time, I have the impression that I start to know what media is about :)”


With what we have learned from Schibsted, the development we have done, and the great feedback we have gotten, we are now offering this service to external companies. What started out as a project to help our employees understand the industry they act in better, has ended up being a concept and service that enables new revenue streams for Schibsted.


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