Hockey and Hamilton (Published Sept 30th 2017)

Hockey and Hamilton (Published Sept 30th 2017)

The Hamilton Spectator

Hamilton, Canada

Category Best New Print Product

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Overview of this campaign

Our goal to produce a 64-page tabloid section was lofty, but we were confident it was achievable. We planned to include a variety of hockey content that was a combination of historical facts and memorable hockey highlights all related to Hamilton. The section was printed on white stock and strategically laid out in such a way that all ads sold were banners, making it easier to sell and more appealing for readers as a layout. We also launched a contest in the section, giving people and advertisers the opportunity to win tickets and a special VIP experience to the event.

Results for this campaign

Engaging content included homegrown NHL talent, a multitude of pictures and other local hockey stories, plus an in-depth account of the infamous 1987 win. The attractive layout and the advertiser contest also helped to achieve our target.  In fact, we made $24K in revenue, which is 10% higher than typical special sections.

The reader contest was also quite popular with almost 1,000 entries!  That’s definitely in the top 5 responses for our regular contests.

Extra copies were given to the event organizers as souvenirs, which extended our reach in the community.

Overall, a great success!


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