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Schibsted Media

Oslo, Norway

Category Digital Subscriptions

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Overview of this campaign

Until recently we did not have the possibility to communicate directly with users and subscribers within our products. The product experience has been more or less identical for all users without reflecting their relationship with us and regardless of their level of engagement with our content and brands. We built Touchpoints to change this.

Touchpoints is a lightweight platform our publishers can use to target and engage users with relevant in-product communication in a personalized, meaningful and non-intrusive way. Use cases for such communication are many, ranging from feature and subscription onboarding, to payment reminders, offers and more.

The Touchpoints solution includes tools and SDKs for designers, developers and data scientists to launch experiments and automate successful messages on any web page and placement. A mobile dashboard lets business and product teams follow the performance of the messages in real time.

Touchpoints has been a collaborative effort between multiple teams in Schibsted Media. The solution was designed to give teams flexibility to create formats and copy that work for each individual brand. A key goal has been to enable rapid experimentation and knowledge sharing across our publishers.

Results for this campaign

A series of controlled experiments shows that we can use Touchpoints to increase acquisition, activation and retention of paying subscribers.

Measuring close button clicks in addition to desired call to action clicks and conversions enables us to evaluate the 'signal-to-noise ratio' of messages and to optimize their segmentation, placement and priority.

Some of the results we have seen last year include:

  • A 2,5 times higher adoption of the family sharing feature on when shown an infeed touchpoint on
  • A subtle copy variation improved conversion rate of a family sharing message on by 146 %
  • New infeed salesposter formats were shown to all non-subscribers during a large fall campaign on subscription sites in Norway. They became the second most important sales source after normal article sales, accounting for 16% of total digital subscription sales
  • VG+ increased subscription renewal with 60% by adding touchpoints messages to a campaign retention flow
  • We saw a 6 % increase in number of subscribers redirecting delivery of the newspaper to their holiday address when reminded with a touchpoint
  • Re-subscription rate of former Bergens Tidende subscribers was twice as high when shown a good winback offer in a topfeed touchpoint
  • A welcome message in the automated subscriber onboarding flow shown as soon as a user subscribes has high engagement with a CTR at 15 %


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