Native advertising in supplement Voy de Viaje

Native advertising in supplement Voy de Viaje

La Voz del Interior

Córdoba, Argentina

Category Best Execution of Native Advertising

Overview of this campaign

In 2016, we decided to transform the Turismo (Tourismo) supplement in La Voz del Interior and develop a multi-platform experience where users could wish, plan, achieve and share their travel experiences. This is how we created Voy de viaje (Going away). This was evolution.

In 2017, we identified a transformation in the market and developed an innovative business solution: integrating advertisers into our editorial content. With this, we aimed at preventing advertising about destinations and tour packages from being invasive while turning them into a useful tool for users. This was a revolution.

The process consisted of the following tasks:

- Joint work of business and editorial departments

- Identifying the most important advertisers

- Determining the main travel destinations

- Developing relevant editorial content

- Providing support and advice to advertisers, thus encouraging a collaborative work dynamic aimed at optimizing reach results for the content

We also included promotional articles in the website where advertisers could describe a package, as well as the opportunity to sponsor TV micro-videos 1 destino, 1 minuto (1 Destination, 1 minute).

Results for this campaign

The results were surprising:

- The portal received over 500,000 unique users

- Sponsored articles were the most read and commented of the web portal

- As a result, they ended up at the cover of the Sunday supplement

- 15 new advertisers were incorporated

- 10 print advertisers started to invest in the web portal too

- The portal provided an income of over ARS 2,000,000 throughout 2017

Travelling can teach us a lot, but the most important lesson is that there are no borders to reach our dreams.


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