Make Poland Great Again. The online night-show by
2018 Finalist

Make Poland Great Again. The online night-show by

Agora S.A.

Warsaw, Poland

Category Video

Overview of this campaign

At, we decided to create a video programme which will give the viewers, regardless of their political opinions, substantive grounds for discussion regarding the most relevant issues, based on the overriding idea: common sense. And common sense  works best, when it is supported by the Sense of humour. At the same time, we tried to match the substantive grounds to the current needs of the audience, therefore we decided to adopt a framework of political satire for the topics that people feel a need to discuss, credible and unobvious data, modern, online form, adapted to viewing on mobile devices, proven formula of the programme and starring recognizable, well-liked influencers.  

 In cooperation with the influencer duo, Make Life Harder (200 thousand fans on Polish Facebook), we created a weekly, online night-show Make Poland Great Again (obvious connotation to Donald Trump’s campaign slogan). During 15-minute episodes, we dismantled the most absurd theories regarding vaccines, explained the way Polish Social Insurance Institution works and analyzed how coal mining affects the economy and the environment. Apart from creating a reliable source of knowledge (MPGA is being watched during social studies lessons), we also managed to create a socio-political satire in the form of a late-night show, well-liked by the audience – we were the first in Poland to accomplish that.

Marketing strategy

- The launch of the series was preceded by a teaser promotional campaign redirecting to the landing page showing the time remaining until the premiere

- 3 days before the start, we revealed our show and the authors 


- we create multichannel buzz with media bugdet ZERO ZLOTYCH

Results for this campaign

Results in numbers:

 - 15 episodes of Make Poland Great Again

- website – 6.5 million views

- Facebook – 1.4 million views

- YouTube – 0.75 million views, including as many as 78% played until the end

-  the most popular episode " war reparations” generated 1.2 million views

-  the first episode had over 1.1 million views

- On YT, the most popular episodes were 1 (Summary of the ”silly season”) and 5 (On vaccinating children).

- Episode 6 (On access to firearms) obtained the highest number of positive comments.

We created a video format previously unheard of in Poland – on the one hand, it constituted a reliable source of knowledge, on the other – it was a socio-political satire in the form of a late-night show.

Make Poland Great Again.

The second season is coming up soon.


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