HPB Wholegrains Quiz and Comic Strip across SPH's titles

HPB Wholegrains Quiz and Comic Strip across SPH's titles

Singapore Press Holdings Limited

Singapore, Singapore

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Overview of this campaign

This content marketing campaign was to support a government-level initiative to encourage the Singaporean public to pay more attention to their diets and influence purchase decisions to tend towards healthier food choices, such as eating wholegrains instead of white rice, which is a common staple food in a typical Asian diet.

The challenge was to reach vastly different demographic segments which spoke three different languages, and not sound 'preachy' in the process - an issue normally faced by government agencies.

Using humour to create affinity with audiences, a series of graphic illustrations were created by the team for wider reading appeal.

On vernacular newspapers, storylines were created with specific types of humour that the Chinese-speaking and Malay-speaking audience can relate to.

Online, a highly literate audience were already familiar with the pros and cons of choosing a wholegrain-based diet. To overcome content fatigue, the content team created a fun, interactive personality quiz to achieve better affinity with a younger and tech-savvy audience. The quiz aimed to help them identify the characteristics of different types of wholegrain by giving selected wholegrains a 'personality'.

Users select choices that lead to a final set of results, based on their probability choices. They are then recommended which wholegrain they most resemble, and are served a simple-to-read profile accompanied with information on the health benefits of their closest-resembling wholegrain.


Results for this campaign


Jenn Wong, Manager, Healthy Lifestyle Corporate Marketing Division of HPB said: “The comic strips were a creative departure from the traditional strip ads and helped to educate our diverse target audience on a very dry topic such as wholegrains in a light-hearted manner. We were delighted to be the first to collaborate with SPH on this creative execution.”

With our strong concept and idea across the platforms, we managed to upsell and sway the advertiser to park more revenue with us. The print component secured $101k while the digital component brought in $50k. This opportunity to educate HPB and to introduce new, innovative ways to seed a tactical message, justifies our capability as a publisher to create content that resonates and engages.

Aside from the successful print creative execution -- 6 comic strips in Berita Harian and 4 insertions in ZaoBao from early December to end January -- that was aligned with the advertiser’s message, the reach of the digital infographic quiz that ran for two weeks proved successful as well.

While there was minimal amplification for this, as compared to other sponsored/branded content, the CTR to the quiz page surpassed SPH’s industry benchmark. For RON - IMU, we achieved 0.23% CTR (benchmark 0.08%) while RON - IMU + Leadearboard achieved 0.33% (benchmark 0.07%).

2,290 visitors participated in the quiz and out of this, 1,776 completed and received their result, which makes up 77.5%. Time spent on the quiz averages 3 min and 12 secs, which surpasses SPH’s digital benchmark of 2min.

The success and engagement of this campaign has made an impact on the advertiser and they are keen to collaborate with us on a tactical and content marketing level to seed their other messages.


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