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The Globe and Mail

Toronto, Canada

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Overview of this campaign

The Globe and Mail is proud of its journalism, and the impact it has on effecting social and political change. We believe our role is not only vital to society but unique in its ability to host the national conversation. Our influence is hard-earned, driven by a commitment to the facts, sometimes at great personal risk. That risk is undertaken by our team of journalists to ensure our readers are informed on the often highly nuanced and complex issues of the day.

The Journalism Matters campaign was dynamic in nature in order to respond to new investigation developments. In the campaign creative we highlighted 7 investigations but focused on one that was breaking during the campaign: Unfounded.  Tactics included highlighting key data points from the articles, exhibiting developments in police and government response in print ads and digital infographics to keep the issues in the public discourse and highly shareable.


Demonstrate the value of The Globe’s journalism with our print and digital subscribers

The campaign gave a platform for the data and story behind the headline. With each breaking update, print ads ran in The Globe to underscore the impact of the new details, encourage more individuals to share their stories, use our data tools and most importantly capture the effect the investigation was having on police forces across Canada and within the federal government.

Underscore the influence The Globe has within the Canadian media landscape

The effect of a Globe and Mail headline can be felt in communities, boardrooms and even on Parliament Hill. It was imperative for the campaign to show the direct correlations between a breaking news story and policy change, and how it served Canada.

Extend The Globe’s brand reach

As part of the campaign, we recognized Unfounded as a sweeping national story that touched on community’s large and small right across Canada. It was an opportunity to show individuals new to our content, what The Globe is capable of with region-specific ad creative.

Results for this campaign

Subscription Results

  • 19% of subscriptions driven by paid social media were from Journalism Matters content which was not paywalled
  • Journalism Matters content had a higher than average time spent on site compared to similar paid promotion campaigns. (6.51 min vs. 5.83min)
  • During the campaign period churn improved 4% year over year.

PR Results

The Unfounded investigation media relations pitch garnered interviews across North American television and radio outlets, resulting in over 23 million impressions. Outlets included: The Social, CBC national syndication and local media citing our investigation.

Interview media coverage:

  • 65 stories
  • 23,017,800 impressions

Non-interview media coverage:

  • 35 stories
  • 8,840,987 media impression


Social Media Results (Paid Facebook)

Testing ad unit types, images and copy were vital to the campaign to find the best way to tell these complex stories on social media. We found that people responded very well to videos, slideshows and canvas ad units. The amount of social engagement and quality of conversation was very impressive.

  • Paid content received over 25 million impressions and increased the reach or our organic Facebook efforts
  • We saw over 815,000 people taking action with the content
  • And Facebook paid promotion efforts saw a higher than industry average click-through rate (83% higher than the average click-through rate on Facebook in Canada for that time period.)

Government and policy changes:

The Unfounded investigation, in particular, led to top-down reform across Canada. The Journalism Matters campaign highlighted these responses so that Canadians could clearly understand the impact the investigation had on improving the way police forces across Canada handle and report sexual assault.

Some of the responses included:


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