#NoConditionsApply - Shindoor khela - TOI
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#NoConditionsApply - Shindoor khela - TOI

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Overview of this campaign

When we speak of womanhood, what comes to mind is a single state of being; as if it were an undifferentiated gender. However, through years, the society has created labels and tags that exists within this gender. The married and the unmarried, the happily married and the divorced, the straight and the lesbian, the proverbial 'complete woman' and the transgender. It seems the woman’s existence has always been defined with an asterisk mark (conditions). True freedom comes with a right to choose between ‘Yes’ and ‘No’. But almost half of the country lives with choices that comes with *conditions apply*. Right from her birth, a girl is told what she should do and what she should not. She grows up in an environment where right to have a choice is a permission that is sometimes granted to her, sometimes not. United by gender, divided by society, the widows, transgenders, separated, divorcees and single mothers face social exclusion year after year. Often, knowingly and unknowingly, the revelers during festivals and celebrations make these women feel unwanted in this celebration.

#NoConditionsApply is TOI’s movement for Gender Equity that was launched with the objective of breaking the shackles of disparity within and inter genders, the Shindoor Khela campaign under this movement with the sole purpose of calling attention to the issue of inclusion in celebrations. And inclusion needs to be reflected not only in opportunity; but also in celebration and festivities.

While the main film showcases the Shindoor Khela celebration in Kolkata, the key message is universal- Festivals are meant to unite all. But there are customs that are riddled with age old rules that endorse isolation. We aimed to change this tradition of division, and put a message that celebrations are for all, not to make anyone feel small. Social was used as a medium to amplify this universal message across the country.

Results for this campaign


The Campaign was built in 4-phases integrating Print, Live and amplified on social media to drive engagements. 

Phase 1: During 4th day of Durga-Puja, a teaser video featuring popular celebs was launched to pique curiosity and trigger the debate of non-exclusion of some women. The video garnered great traction on digital with 1.2 Mn+ views and countless interactions/shares within 72 hours. This was supported by full-fledged editorial campaigns across top cities talking about the importance of an all-inclusive celebration in the festive season.

Phase 2: On Dashami (10th day when Shindoor-Khela is played), TOI decided to go beyond just talking about an all-inclusive celebration and invited lesbians, transgenders, widows and sex workers to attend the first-ever inclusive Shindoor-Khela organised at Tridhara Sammilani-one of the largest and oldest Pujo-bharis in Calcutta where all sisters came together to play for the first time. #NoConditionsApply trended nationally with 1.8Mn impressions and 3K+ posts.

Phase 3:Two-dot Shindoor mnemonic was introduced as a symbol to support the campaign through Facebook frames. Readers and celebrities sported the Double Dot Shindoor in support

Phase 4:The campaign idea of social-inclusion to all festivities was taken to national level. The on-ground celebration was recorded in a short-documentary format, which was launched on Facebook Live across 9 TOI city handles and TOI.in simultaneously with the support of popular celebrities/activists. The film received rave reviews crossing 5mn views across digital with 20Mn reach.

End Result?

  • #NoConditionsApply received positive and welcoming response across the country touching 20Mn+ hearts.
  • Brought to life the platform of our Gender Equity campaign #NoConditionsApply with a powerful issue and discussion on inclusion
  • An event that happened in one pandal become a nationwide talking point and evoked strong positive reactions across communities and states.  


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