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Omni-Channel Initiative

Omni-Channel Initiative

Dow Jones

South Brunswick, United States

Category Digital Subscriptions

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Overview of this campaign

Dow Jones has developed a world-class omni-channel marketing initiative in which seven marketing channels have been enabled to acquire prospective customers as well as engage and service existing consumers.  The seven channels through which Dow Jones communicates include; email, direct mail, telemarketing, onsite, social media, customer service alerts, and targeted ads.  Having access to seven channels provides Dow Jones the ability to determine consumers’ preference for communication.

Using various combinations of these channels allow Dow Jones to broaden our reach, creating a real-time subscription update environment.  The combination of new channels and traditional channels allow subscribers to receive timely updates in the event of a subscription update, transactional alert, or delivery issue.  Consumers are proactively made aware of any disruptions in service, keeping customers informed and up to date on the status of their newspaper delivery at all times.

Supplementing and switching channels has become the standard at Dow Jones as we find the best performing, customer-preferred channel for communication.  This year we launched the Omni-channel Dashboard.  This dashboard provides insight across all channels so that Marketing is equipped with all the data required to build a successful marketing campaign.  The dashboard provides campaign metrics, channel reach and mix, as well as high-level analyses.

Personalization and targeting is a major objective of the omni-channel initiative.  Delivering communications to subscribers and prospects via their channel and ensuring they are targeted, relevant communications will prevent list fatigue.  Delivering engaging, relevant communications will increase open rates while decreasing unsubscribe rates. 

As part of the omni-channel objectives, we have optimized and consolidated systems and processes to streamline our communications with consumers.  Consolidating our platforms has been a major benefit to the omni-channel initiatives, as it removes duplication from our efforts and provides a single view of our customers.  Four email platforms have been shut down across the organization in an effort to create uniform, branded emails with enhanced reporting.  

Results for this campaign

Our previous email environment consisted of sending to 25 pre-defined lists segmented by product and brand.   In our new omni-channel environment, we are now campaigning to highly targeted segments through user attributes, disposition data, consumer engagement levels, demographics, and preferred channel. Consumers are only receiving relevant content from the WSJ, reducing unwanted spam while building trust and brand equity.

Through our new onsite channel, we are able to complement traditional channels by providing timely messaging via WSJ.com.  The messages are delivered to specific, eligible populations of subscribers regarding their account status.  Onsite messages have enabled Dow Jones to broaden our reach, communicating with consumers who have opted-out of or don’t prefer communications via traditional channels.   Onsite messages allow WSJ to proactively communicate with subscribers, alleviating customer service call volume and complaints.

Our newly launched Customer Service Alert channel has allowed Dow Jones the ability to deliver timely, relevant messages to inbound consumers.  Customer service can now react to marketing initiatives in real time.  Our Combo Not Yet Registered Customer Service Alert campaign allows agents to field delivery calls while educating consumers of the benefits of consuming content online. 


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