Amar Ujala's multi-platform KAVYA taps into massive Hindi poetry subculture
2018 Finalist

Amar Ujala's multi-platform KAVYA taps into massive Hindi poetry subculture

Amar Ujala

Noida, India

Category Product Development

Overview of this campaign

Amar Ujala is a 70-year-old news brand that traditionally reaches news-seekers, readers who shape and are shaped socio-politically by this engagement. We wanted to do the same in the culture space – to reach an audience segment that seeks, produces and is the custodian of Hindi cultural capital, beyond popular Bollywood.
We realised that unlike English readers in India, Hindi readers have a thriving tradition of performance poetry, which straddles popular and high culture, and cuts across age, geography, and socio-economic class. They've no permanent space in mainstream Hindi news media, where popular culture usually means cinema.

We wished for this audience. To reinforce Amar Ujala as a Hindi cultural icon and the voice of Hindi, we leveraged the massive popularity of Hindi poetry by creating a multi-platform product for a convergent community of new and renowned Hindi poets and poetry lovers, which seamlessly contributes, performs (videos), consumes and shares works under the aegis of Amar Ujala Kavya across Web, Mobile, Web TV, Social and Print.
The following helped us achieve the objective:

Virtual and Ground Events: With LIVE coverage on AU TV, Amplified on FB, and 19 editions of Amar Ujala newspaper
Multiple Submission Modes & Formats: to cater to different levels of tech-literacy in Poetry lovers
Aspirational Platform: The many online platforms for Hindi poetry are not aspirational. We created aspiration by publishing best new poets alongside renowned ones on Kavya website and FB page.
Dedicated Fortnightly Section on Print: As the aspirational space for best of the best. Integrated with QR scan to hear poetry and for direct submission
Social Platform: Facebook Page & Community, Twitter page
Book Publisher Partnerships: For non-digitised poems, poets and events
World Poetry in Hindi: Rare first-time Hindi translations of poets like Bukowski and Eliot

Results for this campaign

Amar Ujala Kavya (Poetry) was launched in Agra (the city of Taj) on July 2, 2017 in the 1st Kavya Mahakumbh event, where India’s most renowned contemporary Hindi poets unveiled all Kavya platforms. This was a one-of-a-kind event with poets cutting across all dialects of Hindi and Urdu performed: news and old for more than 8 hrs to packed-stands, well beyond mid-night, on the demand of the audiences.

Multi-platform Products Created
Fortnightly Kavya Section in the newspaper, with best new poets published, QR code to listen
Android App: Kavya section on the Amar Ujala News App
Social: , FB Live poetry events
Kavya Event-series: Started with Kavya Mahakumbh and Live poetry online on AU TV

Submission Tools: Poetry submission in text and video, Online uploads, Whatsapp, Email, QR Code, Facebook, Twitter

Achievement in 6 Months

Reach: 46 Million every fortnight (Print), 350 K monthly (website), about 1 million monthly (Facebook Page & Community), Event-series 6-months (17 events, 100 k + people)

High-value Engagement
Published original poetic works: 20,000 +
Total Registered new Poets with Profiles on Kavya: 17,373
Average Registrations Per Day (Dec): 200

Other Engagement & Reach

Page Views/Month: 1 million + 
Unique Visitors/Month: 3,52,017

Daily Reach: 50 k (approx)
Community Reach/month: 1,18,000
Page Reach/month: 899,207 Dec
Followers: 118,799 

Poetry Events
Offline: 8
Online: 9


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