Syrian Refugees: A New Home, A New Life
2018 Finalist

Syrian Refugees: A New Home, A New Life

Calgary Herald

Calgary, Canada

Category Best Idea to Encourage Print Readership or Engagement

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Overview of this campaign

*  Attract new audiences to print product

*  Provide content that appeals to new arrivals in our city

*  Create in-depth, exclusive content that helps retain subscribers

*  Extend reach of our brand

*  Continue tradition of journalistic excellence expected by our readers, via comprehensive coverage of an issue and diligence in following up on the topic

*  Provide more diversity in our coverage

*  Encourage increased diversification in journalists’ contact lists

*  Improve understanding of varying cultural and religious groups in our community

*  Provide readers with unbiased, fact-based coverage of a societal shift in our community

*  Foster increased collaboration in the newsroom

*  Create a newsroom model for on-going coverage of a key story

Results for this campaign


*  Circulation numbers showed single copy sales lift up to 19 per cent on key days of project coverage.

*  Social agencies that support new immigrants provided emails and phone calls of thanks several times throughout the year.

*   Several of the Syrian refugees we profiled and spoke to throughout the year reached out to thank us for taking the time to tell their stories.

*   Some of those refugees stayed in touch with our journalists, widening and diversifying their circles of sources and contacts.

*   That diversification has informed other content we produce. For example, the first Syrian refugee to get a business licence in our city was named to the Herald’s annual list of Compelling Calgarians; and, one young Syrian became part of our front-page photo on Canada Day, when our country turned 150.

*   New learnings were acquired by journalists, in terms of working with diverse cultural groups, such as communication via translation apps on iPhones and understanding others’ religions and customs.

*  Levels of collaboration and co-operation in the newsroom grew, and have extended to other projects. The Syrian refugee project touched almost every journalist in our 50-person newsroom, contributing to new levels of teamwork and new combinations of journalists working together on a project.

*   We achieved other learnings, regarding our ability to organize, plan and execute projects that require ongoing follows on key stories.






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