The World is Beyond the Headlines
2018 Finalist

The World is Beyond the Headlines

Helsingin Sanomat

Helsinki, Finland

Category Brand Awareness Campaigns

Overview of this campaign

Does knowledge equal understanding? Are data and information equivalent things?

These were the central questions reflected upon by Helsingin Sanomat, as they launched their new app, and simultaneously contemplated their role within the growingly digitalized society.

Helsingin Sanomat updated their application by adding a For You category, with which their readers can now customize content selection to suit their personal areas of interest.

Through the two film ads, we wanted to communicate the different themes, and added value, that Helsingin Sanomat is able to offer its readers in a world where nearly all data is just one click away. The core idea of the films was then converted into online, social media, VOD and radio.

By communicating the added value Helsingin Sanomat and its updated app have to offer, the campaign’s aim was to gain more app downloads and online subscribers, and especially to appeal to under 40-year-old consumers


The Creative Approach:

Today, information is abundant – but understanding is sparse.

Whenever we want to understand something, data is offered as the explicit answer. It is a hard, cold and mechanical approach.

However, to truly understand we also need to feel – and above all, be empathetic.

And something as inhumane as data cannot generate empathy.

Fortunately, Helsingin Sanomat investigates, scrutinizes, and finally conveys the information to us with feeling – and as feelings. As an understanding.

This is the sentiment we wanted to depict with the campaign.

Results for this campaign

War and inequality are easy to define. Iris, Alexa, online dictionaries and any mediocre artificial intelligence will perform the task without difficulty.

However, there are some things that artificial intelligence cannot explain. It cannot convey how war or inequality feel, because explaining these emotions requires empathy and humane understanding. Conveying these things is what Helsingin Sanomat does.

We dramatized this thought with two films, where a person is trying to acquire information from the voice recognizing AI of her smart phone. Things pass along well as long as she asks for definitions that are data-based or can be found in a dictionary. But when the user wants to gain a deeper understanding of the topic, things become more complicated. The core idea of the films was then converted into online, social media, VOD and radio.

Empathy cannot be generated with something as inhumane as data, and understanding requires more than just information.

The campaign objective was to help people understand the value of Helsingin Sanomat digital product through emotional advertising and thereby get more users and downloads for the application.

Our message was received well and the campaign was a success.

According to the campaign measurements, the image of Helsingin Sanomat as an emotive brand grew 82 % during the campaign compared to average.

The growth in downloads of the Helsingin Sanomat application was the company’s all-time record. Android app downloads grew 24%, whilst iOS downloads grew 15%.

Our campaign was especially effective among the chosen target group, the below 40-year-olds. The amount of online subscribers from this age group has grown 60% in comparison to last year.

The post-campaign growth rate is 3.5 times greater than that of one year before.

All in all, the number of Helsingin Sanomat subscribers grew for the first time in 25 years.


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