The sweet story from a sweet land! How ABP changed the taste of Bengali sweets for Mondelez India!
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The sweet story from a sweet land! How ABP changed the taste of Bengali sweets for Mondelez India!

ABP Pvt Ltd

Kolkata, India

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Overview of this campaign

Mondelez India was reeling under severe pressure! While their campaign for Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate (CDM) ‘Kuch Meetha Ho Jaaye’* was a resounding success across the country, the markedly sweet loving market of West Bengal* (henceforth referred to as Bengal) seemed indifferent in their response.

The reason was quite obvious. The Bengalis* are famous for their sweet tooth and the variety of sweets in their sweet’s repertoire was endless. With so much to consume, the Bengalis were yet to acquire the taste of chocolate for their desserts. The Bengali sweets domain was dominated mainly by preparations from milk and its by-products namely Chana (Cottage Cheese) and Dahi (Curd). Chocolate was an occasional treat meant for kids and teenagers. Dessert thus was not chocolate but Mishti*- much beyond a name, an endearing expression for sweets made for Bengali consumers.   

On the other hand, ‘CDM’ reigns supreme in the Chocolate bar category in India. The brand is so strong that ‘Cadbury’ is often referred to as a generic name for chocolate bars by consumers.  Needless to say, that CDM defines the definitive taste of chocolates in India. Understandably, the sweet loving eastern Indian market of Bengal offered a strategic challenge to CDM. That of developing a taste for chocolate as a dessert amongst Bengali consumers!

The task was uphill for CDM. The brand wanted to a) grow its market b) increase market share c) strengthen mind measures and relevance. And all of the above had to be achieved by daring to intervene in a space that had a strong emotional bearing in the minds of the consumers – their love for Mishti (Bengali sweets)


West Bengal is an Indian state and its inhabitants are Bengalis who speak the same language i.e. Bengali

Mishti in Bengali means Sweet

‘Kuch Meetha Ho Jaaye’ is the CDM campaign that ran across media establishing it as an actual Indian dessert. ‘Kuch …’ in Hindi (the national language of India) means ‘let’s have sweets’

Results for this campaign

What appeared to be a starting signal for a long waging struggle between the brand and its competition i.e. Bengali sweets (referred to as Mishti) soon took a sweet turn. The campaign Cadbury Mishti Shera Shrishti (the ultimate Cadbury Mishti creation) designed by ABP* aimed at including chocolate as an ingredient for the Bengali Mishti. The inclusive approach recommended by ABP paved the way for a unique integration of contrasting tastes. Cadbury Mishti Shera Shrishti thus introduced a new category in the Bengali sweet domain – Cadbury Mishti which essentially was a fusion between CDM chocolates and traditional Bengali sweets.   

Cadbury Mishti Shera Shrishti was an initiative meant to interject Cadbury Dairy Milk (CDM) into the Mishti repertoire thereby increasing the consideration and relevance for CDM amongst the consumers. Besides offering the sweet loving Bengalis an excuse to a different kind of indulgence, Cadbury Mishti Shera Shrishti also resolved an emotional dilemma of the consumers - that of consuming chocolates instead of Mishti. Cadbury Mishti emerged as a solution to those sweet loving consumers who were yearning for a Mishti with a different taste. For them, Cadbury Mishti, was the best of both worlds with the taste of chocolate retained in the familiar Bengali Mishti.

Cadbury Mishti Shera Shrishti went on to engage with popular Mishti shops of the market that were considered stalwarts of Mishti making. The challenge thrown to the Mishti shops was to create a traditional Bengali sweet using Cadbury Mishti. A hunt for Choco-chefs amongst ABP readers too was organized. The readers invented and showcased new Cadbury Mishti recipes.

All of these had groundbreaking results* 1. CDM grew by 3% ahead of other markets 2. CDM Market Share increased by 2.5% for the same period over last year 3. Brand Closeness & Performance score moved up along with key Imagery drivers.


ABP – Anandabazar Patrika – the largest read Bengali daily

Results sourced from a) Mondelez India internal data b) Nielsen c) Brandslive


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