The biggest ever newspaper subscription drive in India

The biggest ever newspaper subscription drive in India

Dainik Bhaskar Group

Bhopal, India

Category Best New Paid Content Or Subscription Initiative

Overview of this campaign

Marketing Challenge:

  • The Indian newspaper industry has been growing at a 10-year CAGR of 4.87% (2006-16)
  • This slow growth in circulation is further hit by a handsome digital growth. With 60% internet penetration in urban India, 17% in rural India and 4G-penetration at an all-time high, there is a danger of newspaper circulation dropping further.

Objective: To come up with an idea through which we can better-connect and engage with our readers and help them realize their dreams.

Our Solution:

On 1st July, the day GST was introduced in India, people woke up to a pleasant surprise. Dainik Bhaskar was now giving them an opportunity to realize their dreams and aspirations through the biggest offer in the history of Indian newspapers ‘Jeeto 15 Crore’. With this came a chance to win gifts like jewelery, luxurious cars, hatch-back cars, bikes, laptops, LED TVs, mobile phones, washing machines,10 days of trip to Europe and thousands of similar prizes.

Activity Detail (July-Oct 2017)

As a part of this 4-month long activity, 40 standard coupons and 8 master coupons were published in the newspaper.The readers had to cut and paste 30 standard coupons and 5 master coupons on the pre-published format and submit it to the nearest Dainik Bhaskar office.The winners were then selected by a lucky draw

Results for this campaign

How did we promote it?

An extensive 360 degree integrated campaign was rolled out with

  • Print ads – 17 ads including Teasers, Revealer and Emotive ads
  • TVC – 2 TVCs on leading regional channels
  • Outdoor – 170 sites in 63 cities
  • Radio- 0.1 million seconds of airtime on  48 radio stations
  • Cinema Slides- 164 screens in 54 cities
  • Banners- At 4,324 locations in 179 cities
  • Extensive Mobile Van promotion covering 404 towns
  • Branded auto rickshaws– 10800 vehicles in 60 cities
  • Digital promotion- 4 engaging stories and a digital promo
  • Mobile promotion – 4.1 million people reached


  • 1.6 million people participated from 3,175 cities in India
  • We helped 20,9000 people's dreams come true
  • The newspaper circulation increased by 9%
  • 800,000 newspaper copies increased


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