2018 Finalist

”Denmarks Best Idea” – high engagement and explosive brand awareness

Ekstra Bladet


Category Native Advertising

Overview of this campaign

OPR Finance wanted an edgy way of creating awareness to themselves and establish their name top of mind within their primary target group, small entrepreneurs and inventors, both existing and those considering.

With that in mind OPR and Ekstra Bladet created the competition “Denmark´s Best Idea”. The campaign started off with native articles telling stories about ideas that changed the world. Both present and historical.

Next step Ekstra Bladet and OPR reached out and encouraged users to submit their own ideas and business plans and enter the competition of winning 20.000 USD.

The ideas needed to meet three criteria:

  1. They should create growth – being new jobs, increasing the joy of life or a brand new invention with a global potential.
  2. The idea had to be new – no copy cats.
  3. The participants had to be ready to share their ideas with the users at ekstrabladet.dk

The three criterias should also secure Ekstra Bladet story telling dna and provide engagement among users.

Out of 254 ideas 6 finalists were picked. They went on to present their idea in video pieces. A professional jury of 3 combined with the votes of the users determined the final winner.

Members of the jury:

  • Martin Thorborg – renowned digital new biz entrepreneur.
  • Christina Hembo –  entrepreneur and designer at Christina Jewelry and Watches
  • Martin Frederiksen -  OPR Country Manager with a six year background as investment banker in London

The native campaign was supported through a series of tactical advertorials.

OPR Finance entered the partnership wanting an increase in brand awareness of 200%, while Ekstra Bladet´s goal was a significant rise in average engaged time.

Results for this campaign

The effects of “Denmark´s Best Idea” outperformed all expectations.

In terms of involving and activating users the result was much more than hoped for with 254 submitting their ideas and 5.700 participating in the final voting. This established the partnership between OPR finance and Ekstra Bladet as a perfect match. 

The primary KPI was to increase brand awareness with at least 200% - the consistent presence with native elements resulted in a massive increase in brand awareness, 950% to be exact.

Within the primary target group, small entrepreneurs both existing and those considering – the effect was also more than expected. Based on the articles, 33% would consider to check OPR Finance should they need a business loan.

The campaign engaged the users:

  • The native articles reached an average reading time 40 seconds longer than a regular article
  • The completion rate on the videos also exceeded the regular TV at ekstrabladet.dk

“Denmark´s Best Idea” was a perfect match between OPR Finance and the users at ekstrabladet.dk. The concept contributed with establishing a difficult and complicated BtB product in a simple context.

Martin Frederiksen from OPR Finance states: We have an ambition to support creative entrepreneurship and sustainable ideas. Accordingly, the campaign has placed us on top of mind among this segment and potential customers. In addition, we have received extensive positive feedback from this creative concept where we support small businesses. Likewise this satisfies our alignment targets where we see this as an investment in our brand and how we would like to be perceived within our industry”

Case video is available online here.


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